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  • 1 danger of excess fat
  • 2 Causes fat
  • 3 How to deal with fat
    • 3.1 actively move!
    • 3.2 Buy hula hoop
    • 3.3 Eat right
    • 3.4 Drink clean water
    • 3.5 Train your body

Many men believe that a small belly is their decoration.In women, the presence of "belly" is a constant stress.Such an attitude towards "strategic" fat reserves is fundamentally wrong.The issue of how to quickly burn fat on the abdomen, should be interested in men to a greater extent.And that's why.

danger of excess fat

The ladies body accumulation Zhirkov abdomen due to physiology.With the entry into childbearing age, our body tends to create a perfectly comfortable environment for future children during their fetal development.And for this we need the same fat, crumbs that provides warmth and protection.In this fat layer is formed in the subcutaneous space.To appreciate its scope, it is sufficient to take the hand on the bulging pleated on the stomach.

In men, the situation is different

.They have fat accumulation occurs around the internal organs, causing a radical restructuring of the systems of the body.This fat, called abdominal, is a hormonally active, increasing the need for food, to stimulate it even more growth, compression of the internal organs, the violation of their work.

According to doctors, worried, how to remove fat in the abdomen, it is worth men with "tum" of 94 cm. In this case, every extra cm waist takes away from them for a year of life.In women is not so critical, but interested in the question of how to banish fat from the abdomen, it is necessary, if the waist exceeds 80 cm. After that, we must take himself in hand, to answer the main question is why fat is stored in the abdomen, and choose an individual set of combatthem.

Causes fat

If there is fat on the abdomen, the reasons must be sought in the different aspects of life.

  • heredity or genetic predisposition. If there is a family of obese people, the question of how to get rid of fat on the abdomen, to be more relevant.It is necessary to best protect themselves from a set of weight: eat the right products, to devote time to sports.
  • Stress. nervous excitement and experiences cause an increase in appetite.We often try to "jam" problem, because in a state of satiety our body feels more comfortable.Instead of excessive absorption of food should calm down and remove nervous tension for a jog or at the gym.
  • hormonal failure. If the body there has been a violation of hormonal, self-question, how to remove fat from the lower abdomen, can not be solved.In rapid weight gain should visit an endocrinologist and to hand over the recommended tests.
  • Menopause. During this period, there hormonal changes the body and the process of redistribution of fat cells.The most "greedy" one flock to the lower abdomen, so after the age of 45 years, women should be especially careful about diet and exercise regularly to burn fat on the abdomen.

How to deal with fat

So, if the problem is to remove excess fat from the abdomen, is relevant to you, will implement the following recommendations.

actively move!

not want to belly hanging over trousers, review your lifestyle.Over the weekend, get a couple of free hours and go with your family for a bike ride.Among twice a week visit the pool.You might wonder how to change your life, how much better you'll feel.And the problem is, how to remove fat from the belly and sides, would go far in the tenth plan!

Buy hula hoop

wide hoop with massage balls will effectively deal with body fat.Breaking and massaging them, it will help in removing fat from the body, will provide a tone the abdominal muscles, make it fit and attractive.

Eat right

not need to give up sweets completely, but reduce the amount of sugar intake is.Eliminate from the diet of fried and fatty meals, turn to him the vegetables, fruits, try to use them without much of the heat treatment.There are also foods that burn fat belly.This cinnamon and ginger, which increase metabolic rate, not allowing Zhirkov to settle in the cells.Useful herbal teas with chamomile, lemon, fennel, mint, as well as all dairy products, which improve digestion and excrete the accumulated toxins in it.

Drink clean water

correct drinking regime - the most important aspect for solving the problem of how to remove fat from the belly quickly.Without daily 1.5-2 liters of pure non-carbonated water, you will not achieve the desired effect.Drink at least 8 glasses of some water during the day.

Train your body

your complex daily training should include the following exercises.

  1. «Bike» - slowly rotate the feet raised off the floor.Good bend the knee, pulling to the chest, a second fully straighten.
  2. Vertical shears - lift on his feet turn to 90 degrees above the floor.
  3. Twisting - lie down on the floor, as if planning to be wrung out, rest in his hands and feet.Pull one leg knee to the chest, straighten, tighten the second.
  4. Twisting sitting - Sit down and place your hands on the floor behind him.Straight leg sharply bend and reach to the chest muscle force press, straighten.
  5. Twisting on chair - sit down on the edge, pull your knees to your chest, straighten legs.Work abdominal muscles, not the legs.

Number of exercise - at least 20 times.Between each of them perform the 10 active jumping.

Our recommendation on how to lose fat from the abdomen of women, effective and simple.Stick them to maintain or regain the harmony!