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  • 1 Effective exercises direct muscle
    • 1.1 Bike
    • 1.2 feet rise in the vise
    • 1.3 exercises fitball for the press, twisting
    • 1.4 twisting with legs raised
    • 1.5 exercises with a roller to press, twisting
  • 2 effective exercises for obliques
  • 3 Features individual complex
  • 4 Video: effective exercises for the press

American professor Peter Francis explored the impact on the body recognized by the exercises for the lower press, upper and oblique muscles.The experiment involved 30 men.The results were determined by medical facilities for electromyography, which calculated the load on the abdominal muscles.As a comparison, the professor used a classic twist, which were adopted for the "unit".

Effective exercises direct muscle

best exercises for the press in this group was as follows.


  1. Lie on the floor, arms locked in the lock of his head.
  2. Tighten the right elbow to left knee, then the other way around, if you eat on the bike.At this time, the
    free leg must be perfectly flat and parallel with the floor.
  3. Make 40 times.

leg lifts in the vise

Exercises on the bar for the press are particularly effective for the lower muscles.

  1. At the bar, hold hands on the bar.Firmly secure grip.
  2. Dramatically Raise both legs bent at the knees.Try to reach them to his chest.
  3. Stay in this position as much as possible, lower your legs.

more complicated option is to raise the straight legs above the level of the pelvis.Transitioning to it should be after the capture of the first technique.Repeat 15 times.

fitball exercises for the press, twisting

Run should be slowly, trying to balance on the ball.At first, the use of additional load possible.Later exercises on the ball for the press can be performed with dumbbells in his hands.

  1. Place fitball by bending the waist, firmly press your back.Feet firmly Abut the floor.The upper part of the body no matter what do not lean.Arms crossed over his chest, so as not to pull the neck muscles.
  2. Hold neck stationary, while lower torso down.When you feel muscle tension press stop.This is the starting position!
  3. Fix the hip and on the exhale power press pull your upper body up.During the twisting should be felt strong pressure press.
  4. Inhale as you return to starting position.

The number of repetitions depends on the physical form.Initially enough 5 times.

Twisting with legs raised

These exercises train the press upper and lower abs for girls.

  1. Lie on the floor, hands free to position along the body, the legs are brought together.
  2. Lift your legs perpendicular to the floor, bend your knees, put your hands up.
  3. On the exhale, lift the torso of his hands, trying to get up.The loin is pressed to the floor.
  4. inhale descend to the starting position.

Start with 3 twists, gradually bringing to 30 times.

Exercises with a roller to press, twisting

not uncommon to hear about their extraordinary performance, but the effect of exercise on the wheel to press only 27% higher than the classical twists.Therefore, if the video is not in your fitness kit, do not worry.

  1. Get on your knees, place the roller in front of him.
  2. Slowly roll the wheel forward, rushing after him his whole body.
  3. Stay in a position where further travel can not.Fix for 3 seconds.
  4. Return to the starting position.

Effective exercises for obliques

Driving exercises on the press performance impact on the obliques.

  • leg lifts in the vise. Their performance is 3 times higher than the classic twists.
  • Bike. Efficiency is similar to the rise of the legs in the vise.
  • Reverse Crunch. Recommended for beginners and professionals, carried out first in the training cycle of 10 times in 2-4 approaches.
    1. Starting position - on the back.The legs bend at the knees, pull your hips upward to form an angle of 90 ° to the floor.
    2. Breathe in, hold your breath, tighten your abs.Knees to the head zoom.At this time, the pelvis must break away from the floor and knees - as close to the chest.Legs not unbend, hands can rest against the floor.
    3. approached his knees as far as possible to the head, exhale, lower your legs.
  • Planck. Exercise for the press, it is effective for the oblique muscles.It is static, it requires keeping the torso in the correct position as long as possible.
    1. Lie on your stomach.Lift the elbows and feet.
    2. Ensure correct position: feet together, legs straight and tight, buttocks toned, elbows - strictly under the shoulders.The loins must be perfectly flat, as if pressed against his back.
    3. Pull belly and try to pull up to the ribs.Do not hold your breath.
  • Twisting with legs raised.

Features individual complex

choosing a set of exercises for the abs, you should consider the effectiveness of each of them.After all, when working from home it is important to see the results of their labors, otherwise there is a risk quickly abandon the exercise.Also, do not worry about the absence of gymnastic apparatus.Please note that the presented list of the most effective exercises are not logged in with expanders for the press and free weights as well as the main counterweight to the mass of muscles is our body.

Separately should be separated complexes stretching and muscle building. For example, exercise is a cat with a swing of the press is ineffective for abdominal muscles, but effectively to relieve back tension.

Focusing on the research of the American scientist, you can make the best system for personal training.

Video: effective exercises for the press