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  • 1 Gymnastics Shishonina
  • 2 Recommendations for gymnastics
  • 3 7 key exercises Shishoninu
  • 4 the fixing self-massage of the neck
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The biggest problem of sedentary work that stiff neck - just the tip of the iceberg.Discomfort in the back and lumbar pain, you, of course, and so write off on an eight-hour sitting at the table, and impaired memory and concentration may not even notice. Over time, lack of exercise leads to the fact that the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Increased intracranial pressure, blood pressure and the likelihood of developing chronic migraines get - exercises for the neck Dr. Shishonina reduces this risk to a minimum.

Gymnastics Shishonina

neck Shishonina exercises became widely known in 2008 after the release of the disc of the same name.PhD, academic and scientific director of physical rehabilitation clinic Alexander Y. Shishonin proposed set of simple but effective exercises for the cer

vical spine. The doctor says that the main problem of poor health of adults - poor circulation. reason are tense neck muscles, which gradually lose their elasticity - impeded blood flow process, stiff muscles compress nerves, causing acute pain and aching.

often called gymnastics Shishonina exercises for the neck on Bubnovsky - on behalf of the clinic, where he developed a complex treatment and preventive measures.Exercises recommended for people of all ages, and not harm, provided that you pay attention to contraindications and will perform exercises correctly.

Recommendations for gymnastics

Gymnastics Neck Shishonina useful as prophylaxis and treatment of the following health problems:

  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • migraine, dizziness and frequent headaches;
  • vegetososudistoy syndrome;
  • high blood pressure;
  • impaired memory and attention disorders;
  • insomnia and daytime sleepiness.

exercises for the neck on Bubnovsky recommended regularly to people who spend a lot of time in a sitting position, prone to stress and other psycho-emotional stress, regularly take food - poor nutrition leads to the gradual deposition of salts in the joints.

7 key exercises Shishoninu

main complex of therapeutic exercises for the neck consists of exercises that can be performed easily even during a work break or sitting at the computer.Each exercise must be repeated five times in different directions.

  1. Metronome. From a sitting position slowly bend your head and drag the crown to the right shoulder, after the onset of muscle tension lock for half a minute.Take the starting position, take the slope to the left shoulder.
  2. Spring. Put your head down and fix for 30 seconds.Gently pull the neck slightly forward and upward, again fix on for half a minute.
  3. look at the sky. Expand the head to the left before the first pain, lock for 30 seconds.Repeat in the opposite direction.
  4. frame. principle is the same as in the previous exercise, but with the connection shoulder card.Place your right hand on your left shoulder, keeping the elbows parallel to the floor.The other hand, leave lying on the knee at rest.The position must be held for 30 seconds, then repeat in the opposite direction;
  5. Fakir. is the same as "Look at the sky," but a little bent elbows and joining hands over the head.
  6. Heron. Put both hands on his knees.Begin to pull the chin upward slowly, and hands - elbows behind his back, stay in this position for half a minute.After repeating the opposite direction make an easy stretch: Tilt your head to the right shoulder and gently push down on the neck of his hands, the same thing - in the other side.
  7. Goose. last exercise is performed standing up.Hold the chin parallel to the toes, stretch your neck forward.Turn your head to the left and drag the shoulder, after the onset of discomfort lock for half a minute.Repeat to the other shoulder.

sure to back and neck during the execution of each exercise remained flat - otherwise the effect of the exercises for the neck Bubnovskogo is incomplete.Dr. Shishonin recommends a set of exercises every day.When the discomfort in the cervical region will decline, reduce the performance of exercises three to four times a week.

the fixing self-massage of the neck

After the exercises for the neck muscles, the effect can be secured with a light massage.It does not matter if your side is not a professional massage therapist, and family members do not have the time or the appropriate skills - preventive massage of the neck can be easily performed with his own hands .

  1. Start with smooth strokes in the neck, down the spine to the lower blades.Gradually increase the pressure and speed of movements.
  2. low amplitude circular motion massage the vertebrae - exercise can be done with his or phalanges.
  3. Grasp the neck of a hand so that on one side was a large finger on the other everyone else.Massage pinch movements from the bottom up.
  4. Finally, dab the front of the neck.Start by stroking of the chin to the collarbone.Then repeat the same techniques as for the occipital.

Gymnastics Shishonina-Bubnovskogo includes a number of simple exercises and takes a minimum of time, but the effect is felt in a week on average.The main rule of course - in the classroom you should not have any pain.Better once to properly perform complex and secure the effect of massage, than to overdo it and cause yourself more harm than good.

Video: Gymnastics for the neck Dr. Shishonina