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  • 1 Proper breathing
    • 1.1 Bodyflex - how to breathe correctly
  • 2 most popular questions about Bodyflex
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Engage Bodyflex at home can every man, and every man shall receive from him a huge favor. Deep breathing, saturating the blood with oxygen, activates dozens of processes in the body, from the conversion of fat into energy and ending with rejuvenation of the skin and cells. This effect proved both experimentally in practice and science - dozens of scientists long ago proved that it is a natural fat oxygen catalyst.He, being transformed into energy, which in the body after the gym there are excesses, directed at restoring cells, vascular tissue.

Proper breathing

Bodyflex with Greer Childers - the founder of the method begins with proper breathing.We encourage you to master it before proceeding to the gym, because it is a breathing technique is the key to its effectiveness. few days is advisable to train onl

y this, but when you feel that you are doing everything automatically, proceed to the exercises.

Bodyflex - how to breathe correctly

  1. Stand up straight, feet slightly arrange, to make you keep your balance.
  2. Bend your knees, hands are placed just above the knee.
  3. Exhale slowly through your mouth.Do it gently, trying to remove all air from the lungs, which is there.When you feel that the lungs are already empty, still breathe out, you can even slightly bent to help themselves.
  4. sharply inhale through the nose.You will succeed simply because you just squeezed out all remnants of oxygen.Inhale get noisy the first couple even more painful.Breathe deeply as you can.
  5. sharply exhale mouth.Unlike this first exhalation occurs quickly, with sound.For convenience, tilt your head slightly forward.
  6. When the air is over, gather in a stomach.At first it will be difficult, because your muscles are extremely weak.But after 3 days you will be able to pull up well peritoneum, and a couple of weeks you will have no difficulty.It is in this position - at the exit and with a retracted stomach need to perform all the exercises breathing exercises Bodyflex.Inhale impossible!Keep inside the vacuum should be at least 8 accounts.

Catching Bodyflex, breathing technique should be to learn the ropes. From the outside, by the way, it looks a bit ridiculous, and if someone from the family next door, above you will be sure to laugh.So train yourself as much as possible with yourself, or even in a separate room.

most popular questions about Bodyflex

  • Suddenly I did not get ... It's impossible.Bodyflex for face and body will, if you will deal with on a daily basis.After a couple of days you will feel that it is doing wrong themselves will correct breathing techniques and stretching.
  • How soon I will start losing weight? The first results will be visible by the end of week of classes.Master reset fat mass will begin in the second.A month later, you do not recognize yourself in the mirror and you can change clothes at least smaller size.
  • Why am I not losing weight? most obvious results occur in those who have a lot of excess fat.Therefore, people with curvaceous begin to lose them quickly.If you want to lose weight on the size of M to the S, perhaps, the first results will be available by the end of the second week.But in any case they will be!
  • Why should you engage in only 15 minutes?Maybe much, that was the result? Bodyflex so good that it takes a minimum of time and becomes something annoying, consuming precious hours.Even 15 minutes a day will bring a stunning result.Increasing the amount of exercise (and they need to do only 3 times) is not necessary.But if you really want to lose weight quickly in the first week, you can perform complex twice a day, such as morning and evening.
  • How long do I need to do? We advise to make Bodyflex - exercises for the face and body of a way of life.It's easy when you feel all its charms.And except for a slim figure will get courage, strong immunity, fresh skin.It is much harder to keep motivated when you postroyneete.On the experience of other women in this case, we note that in a few weeks break, you will notice that you start again "blur."Therefore, keep the frequency of sessions at least 3 times a week.

Exercises for the face

This complex comprises a total of 2 exercises, allowing to adjust the shape, the appearance of the face and neck.

  • «Lion" - employs just 40 facial muscles. Perform breathing technique.Collect the lips into a circle, tighten them, stick out your tongue to the limit.Eyes wide open, and lift them up, if you want to see your forehead.You should feel the tension of all the muscles of the face - from the forehead to the chin.Count to 8 and relax the person breathe.Repeat 5 times.
  • «ugly grimace" - working on the muscles of the neck, removes the double chin. Perform breathing technique.Stuck out his lower jaw forward, pull his lips, as if you want someone to kiss.Now pull his lips to the ceiling, arms straighten and gently fold back.

tension in the neck area is incredible, and the next day you will feel that you hit on the neck with something heavy.This is normal, as never before, these muscles were not involved in training.

Include complex Bodyflex exercises for the face and neck to push far back the signs of aging.And the other exercises will help your body to gain the coveted harmony!

Video: Bodyflex face