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  • 1 Why Bodyflex effective
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Fightfat on the abdomen most difficult for women, because in this area there is its main cluster.Weight loss usually begins with a chest and arms, while the waist is longer than other parts of the body does not want to say goodbye to the fat reserves.But this problem is easily solved, since there is an effective breathing exercises for weight loss Bodyflex.We invite you to consider only part of the complex, which consists of 12 exercises.And to understand which elements are responsible for the loss of volume in the waist area.

Why Bodyflex effective

effectiveness of the method in practice, confirmed the hundreds of thousands of women and men worldwide. founder even made directions Grieg Childers himself in this state, to publish a book that became a bestseller and sold millions of copies of video tapes.In slimming technique is based on a simple yet

revolutionary discovery - the deeper we breathe, the more healthy and slim becomes our body.

This deep breathing does Bodyflex belly effective.Ingested oxygen saturates the blood.She already goes to the body, spreading the natural fat catalyst in each of his "corner".But more importantly, we have the ability to control, to direct the flow of healing blood.To do this, we do stretching exercises, which are the cornerstone of breathing exercises for belly slimming.

Through this approach, the effect is achieved very quickly: the stomach decreases already for 3-4 days, for several weeks has been a steady weight loss. Muscles come in tone, improves the body relief.It is imperative that the work is not only external but also internal muscles, and one of them is our stomach.You do not have to limit yourself to food, since your appetite will be much more moderate, without any discomfort on your part.

How to prepare for gymnastics

  • Determine for yourself a convenient time and be engaged on a daily basis. Bodyflex diet is particularly effective in the morning, immediately after waking.But when desired harmony is achieved, you can transfer training for the evening to get a charge of vivacity after work.
  • occupy no earlier than 2 hours after a meal. Your stomach should not be engaged in the digestion of food.Water is allowed to drink.
  • Arm measuring tape! sure to measure your waist, hips, thighs each individually before class.Already after the third workout can measure yourself again and do it every day.You'll celebrate every time a decrease in volumes, which is an essential advantage of the complex Bodyflex exercises.
  • Take the pants or skirt, that do not allow to squeeze your curvy shape. regularly try on them.Within 2 weeks you can wear them without any problems!
  • complex of 12 exercises in 15 minutes a day and is used Bodyflex face, thighs, buttocks, waist. most effective full breathing exercises for weight loss.Reviews of the complex for the belly confirm its efficiency in case you need to pull the waist in the absence of expressed problems with the volumes in other parts of the body.

complex waist

Bodyflex abdomen includes 5 exercises.

  1. Side stretch - quickly toned waist and forms its expressive line! Stand up straight, then slightly bend your legs, arms lean a little above the knees.Perform breathing techniques, pull in the direction of the right foot, keeping it straight, and move the weight on his left leg.At this time, lift up his right hand and drag her to the left, toward the bent leg.Run 8 bills again three times in each direction.
  2. «Diamond» - exercise for the waist adjustment and improvement form the inner surface of the hands. Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart place.Hands in front of him, hands at chest level with your fingertips touching.Perform the breathing technique and forcefully push fingers at each other for 8 accounts.Repeat three times.
  3. Abdominals - involves both the muscles of the upper and lower press. Lie on your back, raise your arms perpendicular to the floor, bend your legs at the knees and place your feet on the floor.Perform the breathing technique and strength of the abdominal muscles lift the chest and shoulders.At the same time the head should be thrown back.Hold for 8 counts, run three times.
  4. «Scissors" - correction lower press. Lying on your back, palms get under your buttocks.Perform breathing techniques, lift the feet off the floor by 10 cm. Work out the widest kick their feet to the side to 10 accounts.Take 3 times.
  5. «Cat» - toning the entire body and waist adjustment. Get on all fours, keep your head straight.Perform breathing techniques and to maximize the stomach retracted bend the arc back up.Hold for 8-10 accounts do three times.

Try how effective complex Bodyflex - exercise for weight loss!Rate this you can in 2 weeks, when the results will be visible to others, and especially good to you!

Video: Bodyflex slimming belly