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  • 1 Saving oxygen
  • 2 What can you expect, doing Bodyflex
  • 3 Rules breathing exercises
  • 4 effective program for the legs and buttocks

ComplexBodyflex established American Greer Childers suffering from fullness for a long time.Woman resorted to diet, exercise, but to no avail: her size 52 remained unchanged.After another unsuccessful attempt to lose weight, she turned to research and discovered an important discovery: the only natural catalyst (burner) fat is oxygen.This theory formed the basis Bodyflex, which reviews medical evidence not only about losing weight as a result of it, but also other positive aspects.

Saving oxygen

Our body does not have enough oxygen, because we breathe very superficially in everyday life.Proceeding in the same body in large amounts, it activates fat combustion processes, which can be transformed into energy.Coping with such a massive release of energy is not easy, so it is evident not only foreign activity (you cheerful and full o

f energy!) It is very important that the breathing exercises for weight loss and stimulates the recovery of all body systems, tissue regeneration, improves skin, strengthens the immune system.

But the effect of combating Bodyflex calories for the stomach and the body is not comparable with any of the well-known weight loss techniques.So according to the observations of experts, one hour of running in the stadium the body can lose up to 700 calories.water aerobics classes can eliminate Hour 2 times lower in calories.A Bodyflex hour burns 3,500 (!) Calories! ponder and realize only!And it is real, as evidenced by the pro Bodyflex reviews and results.

What can you expect, doing Bodyflex

  • Immediately after the occupation - mass energy, which actively want to spend!For example, wash the floor in the apartment or bake a delicious cake for children!
  • After 3 days - a sense of vitality and health will be present all the time.It tightens the abdomen, disappear digestive problems, constipation.
  • A week - first centimeters on the waist and hips melt.The result can be only a few cm in all circles.
  • Two weeks - weight loss process goes very actively.You will notice in the mirror that are much slimmer.
  • a month - during this time you reduce the minimum size, but rather by 2. The result of the waist and hips - minus 10 centimeters, is quite real.

Rules breathing exercises

  • Learn to breathe correctly .Take a deep breath calm mouth, then quickly inhale nose.For a split second delay air and exhale sharply through your mouth.Pull the belly and take the desired position.
  • Forget the scales! Bodyflex - exercises designed to decrease the volume.And if you look perfect, what's the difference, how much do you weigh?
  • Practise fasting .The ideal time is the morning, immediately after waking up.That's when your body will allow to burn unwanted calories much more than if you engage in during the day or evening.If you do not have time in the morning, choose between 2 hours after a meal and is engaged on a regular basis.
  • Drink water .8 glasses a day should be your norm.
  • Indulge in eating!About Bodyflex for Beginners reviews say, as the only weight loss method, which allows you to eat whatever you want.Diets are not necessary, but that has become less, no doubt.
  • Do not look for excuses .For Bodyflex contraindications are absent entirely.Become slim and healthy with it can every woman, regardless of diagnosis, age and other problems.

effective program for the legs and buttocks

overall complex includes 12 exercises, allowing to adjust the shape of the whole body in 15 minutes a day.In this review, we will walk through the gym for legs and buttocks, and exercise Bodyflex abdomen and face, you can find in other articles on our website.

  1. Pulling the legs back - adjusts the buttocks and thigh .Get on the floor on all fours, straighten one leg, put on a sock.Then lift it up as high as possible and squeeze buttocks.Do the breathing exercise and contracted chest squeeze buttocks on 8 counts.Inhale, repeat 3 times with one and 3 times on the other leg.
  2. «Seiko" - tightens the outer side thighs.Again, stand on all fours, but now one foot take aside.Do breathing exercises and as high as possible, lift up flat foot.Stay up to 8 accounts.Repeat 3 times with one and other foot.
  3. «Boat" - adjusts the inside of the thighs .Sit on the floor with your legs apart, hands rewound back, lean on the floor.Make breathing exercise, pull your stomach and tilt your head forward.Move your hands forward and slowly move them from the body on the floor on 8 counts, feeling stretch the inner thigh.Repeat three times.
  4. «Pretzel" - tightens the thighs and waist .Sit on the floor, cross your legs at the knees.Take your left hand behind his back, put his right on his left knee.Perform breathing exercise and start to actively pull his knee on 8 counts.Inhale, repeat 2 times.Perform three times with the other leg.
  5. Stretching popliteal tendon.Lying on your back, lift your legs perpendicular to the floor, hands, grasp the eggs.Make breathing exercise, you exhale from the belly pull dragged his feet to his 8 accounts.Take 3 times.

Follow this complex Bodyflex, reviews of which confirm its ultra-efficient, to improve the shape of the buttocks and thighs.And for total body correction and achieve fast results in losing weight perform all 12 exercises by Greer Childers daily!