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  • 1 Tips for organizing training
  • 2 Exercises for quick press
  • 3 How to improve the efficiency of training

rapid strengthening of the abdominal muscles technique is really effective.But we should remember that for 1 week can be achieved only improve the tone of the peritoneum.The abdomen becomes less leave excessive amounts, the press will be noticeable.However, the appearance of cubes should be expected: they are the result of many days of training.And begin to act on attractive tummy Week 3 of regular exercise.

Tips for

workouts to pump up the press quickly and efficiently, you should adhere to the following rules.

  1. Go in the morning .Time before breakfast most preferred from the standpoint of strengthening the muscles.Your stomach is empty, which means that nothing will interfere with the press in the work.You can drink a glass of warm water, it will help start the digestive system and if there is a difficulty with bowel movement, get rid of them.
  2. home runs .Often considered to pump relief press, you need to visit the gym.This is not true.You at least will be able to effectively swing the press at home.Furthermore, to strengthen the abdominal muscles do not need any exercise equipment.
  3. Exercise regularly .How to pump up the press?Coaches say most engaged.In this case, the word "more" is meant three times per week, i.e. every other day.Over a busy schedule is not needed, since the muscles should be given rest.Less - does not make sense, or rather the result will not be quite so spectacular.
  4. Choose pace.The work on the press, you pay attention to the whole group of muscles: direct, external, and internal oblique.During the period of occupation should be to work out each of them, as a straight line, for example, is responsible for those "blocks" on the abdomen and oblique form the waist.However, the pace of work has to meet your requirements.To pump up the press to cubes, you need to perform the exercises slowly, steadily, linger in the desired position for at least 3 seconds.For elastic flat stomach need a fast pace.Therefore, if a girl you need to quickly pump up the press, recommend intensive training without additional burden in the form of dumbbells or barbells.
  5. Do workout .Maximum responsive will only warm up your muscles.Therefore, before exercise jump rope a couple of minutes, ran to the place and dance if the mood.

At this advice on how to pump up the press in the last 7 days are over.And begins an effective set of exercises!

Exercises for quick press

  • Vis on the bar .According to the degree of efficiency 3 times faster than the classical twist.It requires lifting the legs in position Davis above the pelvis level.Legs can be straight (for increased load) or the knees bent (it's easier to work in the initial phase).If you want to strengthen the muscles of both sides, knees bent legs lift and turn to the side.Do not worry about how to pump up the press on the bar at home, if there is a horizontal bar in the apartment.It is enough to fasten a strong strap to the doorway and can be practiced.
  • Bike .The effectiveness of exercise in 2.9 times more than the classic twists.How to effectively pump up the press with "bicycle" everyone knows: lying on your back, pull your elbow to the opposite alternately left and right legs.When the foot touches the elbow bent, the other must be perfectly flat and be about 10 cm from the floor.
  • Lifting legs for the lower press .Lying on the floor, lift legs about 45 ° from the floor and put back.Perform 9 times, to hold ten feet in the air for 10 seconds.
  • rise to the upper torso press .Raise the torso from a prone position and go back.
  • rise to elastic stomach torso .From a prone position make a series of quick-jerk lifts torso to the legs.The knees are bent at the same time.
  • diagonal twist to oblique muscle.Lying on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, hands behind his head rewound.Perform a series of frequent lifts the torso, trying to alternately reach the elbow to the opposite knee.
  • lateral twisting to oblique muscle.Lying on his side, well-squeeze feet.The hand under his head.Lift the torso up using the lateral muscles.Try to rise above.

perform each exercise 15 times.It is advisable to do 3 sets, but it is extremely difficult at first.Increase the load gradually.

How to improve the productivity of training

Now you know how to pump up the press for 1 week, but this is not all secrets.

  • Stretching after the main complex .It increases the elasticity and suppleness of muscles and is particularly good at warm up your muscles.Get on your knees and leaning backward as far as possible.Perform slowly, as in slow motion, return to the starting position.Try to make a bridge from his knees.Did not work out?After a couple of weeks you will be able to!
  • Heavy drinking .Liquid is essential for the normalization of metabolism.Thanks to her, you will lose body fat at a furious pace.Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • Proper nutrition .We urge you not to forget about the sweet, just the opposite, really need glucose to muscles and the brain.However, buns, fatty meat and fried potatoes, leave in the past.Include in the diet of vegetables, fruits, lean poultry, cottage cheese, eggs.And eat them with health benefits!

Now, what do you think of how much you can pump up the press?Week for a flat stomach is enough!