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  • 1 complex exercise
    • 1.1 Starting position - standing
    • 1.2 Starting position - sitting
    • 1.3 Starting position - lying
  • 2 5the nuances of training
  • 3 Preparation for training

oblique or side muscles of the peritoneum responsible for torso turn to the side and tilts.The largest visible if inflated muscle - it goes from the chest to the lower abdomen.Others (there are 3) not discern visually.The significance of these muscles - not only in ensuring our mobility, but also imparting body contours.State your waist just depends on how much attention you pay to the question as to pump oblique abdominal muscles.

need regular exercise for the press and athletes sides of disciplines, requiring frequent the slopes of housing, participants contact fights (boxing, kickboxing and other martial arts), weight-lifters.It is necessary to pay attention to them as men, we note the emergence of "beer belly."Technique exercises on the oblique abdominal muscles is the same for me

n and women.The difference is that men should use an additional burden, and the ladies - not.

complex exercise

To train these muscles once in another does not, because to use them quite difficult training.Do not do the exercises for the press on the bench, or other simulators: oblique muscle - the most "budget", they do not require any investment.Go in the house and get a quick result!

Starting position - standing

  1. Widely arrange legs slightly bent at the knees.Hands put on his head.Is inclined to the left, to the right.The body does not rotate.
  2. legs straight, hands on his head again.Rotate the body by "sine wave": to wobble with a small angle of up to 90 degrees and back again to the small.
  3. right leg over the left rewound.At this time, lift the left arm and drag to the right.Repeat to the other side.

Starting position - sitting

  1. Pull the legs forward, lift up the hands.
  2. Follow the slope, try to get your hands feet.But drag in turn: to the right foot, then the left.To enhance the results, expand the body tilting to the side.

Starting position - lying

  1. Bend your knees, turn them to the right and hold the ball between the thighs.Hands rewound to the head.Lift up the body, leaving your lower back pressed to the floor.Then expand the left leg and repeat.
  2. Legs, knees bent, lift in the direction away from the chin, as if you want to touch the shoulder knee.
  3. Bend your knees, right heel to rest against the left knee.Put on the nape left hand, right hand on hip position.Tighten your abdominal muscles and stretch the left elbow to your right knee.Repeat the other way around.

5 nuances training

To understand how to pump up the side abdominal muscles, you should consider the following points.

  1. If you are just starting to exercise, do not hurry .Suffice it to 2 sets of 4-8 exercises each.The number of repetitions should be increased gradually.
  2. If you do not shake the first time the press side, exercise can start with 4 approaches.Each should be not less than 25 repetitions for each side.
  3. Perform exercises with dumbbells for the press to be only men to prevent the waist muscle growth .The problem of women - as much as possible to stretch the muscles of the data, to ensure their tone and elasticity.
  4. If you plan to do the exercise on the curl to press on the simulator, be sure to consult with an instructor .He will choose an individual set that meets your physical form.
  5. Do not expect that you can pump up the press for 1 week .During this time you will only teach your muscles to the load, and only in the next month or two will notice results.The regularity of workouts, set in the amount of 3 per week.

Preparing for

training to perform the training exercise to improve the efficiency of activities and prevent injury.

  • Make workout to warm up the muscles .As a "warm-up" optimal jumping rope, running in place or around the room, a small workout on a stationary bike and even a couple of minutes of incendiary dance.
  • Do not have an empty stomach or after eating .The feeling of hunger is satiety and do not allow you to work in full force.The ideal time for a snack will be 2 hours prior to the planned activities.
  • do the exercises, and the feeling of muscle tension there? So you missed something and you do not.Review the description of exercises and try again.If we are talking about the constant training, it's time to increase the load: a man to add weight, a woman - complicate the task.
  • fatigue occurs quickly? This is normal.Regular exercise will increase your body stamina and fatigue will not be coming in the first 10 minutes.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the complex, perform exercises in several approaches.Alternate them, do first all standing on one approach, try them one by one.Go to a range of sitting and lying.
  • training ended? Do not rush to the kitchen.Give your body to recover without a load on the digestive tract.The optimal time for a snack - 1 hour after training.In the meantime, if you are very hungry, chew an apple or drink a glass of water.

After a month of training your stomach will get better relief.A month later - perfect!Do you have something to strive for, especially now that you know how to pump up the side of the press properly.