Article Contents

  • 1 General recommendations
  • 2 set of exercises for the correction of the feet
    • 2.1 Against the "ears" on the thighs
    • 2.2 For inner thigh
    • 2.3 for hamstring
  • 3 How to make the complex more efficient

Fitness trainers never advised to limit a range of weight loss exercises to reduce the volume of the thighs.Fat dispersed throughout our body, so they need to be cast out from the abdomen, arms, buttocks, and, of course, feet.However, the maximum size of fat cells is kept lower torso.Because of what exercises for slimming the hips usually form the basis of the fitness complex for weight loss.

General recommendations

  • engage in regular .Do not limit your trips to the gym twice a week.Much better to choose a complex, which you can do at home without difficulty.And work on a daily basis.
  • Be engaged at one time .It is advisable to choose a convenient interval of 20 minutes, every day accustoming his body laid out on the full.As practice shows, the effectivene
    ss of training on the "mode" is higher than when there is free time.
  • not eat up classes.Effective weight loss exercises for legs are aimed at burning fat and excretion from the body.If previously you have something to eat, the body will consume calories is received, rather than their own fat reserves.Therefore, the best time to lose weight is the morning just getting out of bed, drink a glass of water and go do it.
  • Preheat body .Any exercises for shapely legs, whether stretching or power complex will be much more effective.Jump on the spot and dance, cheer up!And the mood has improved, and finished studying more productive.
  • Breathe deeply .To remove the fat from the inner thighs, outer "ears" and buttock need to supply the body with oxygen.It is the only natural "fat burner", which is not harmful.Inhale deeply to saturate the blood with oxygen and exhale perform stretching.When working in the power complex to hold your breath is needed.

set of exercises to correct

feet These exercises leg at home will help you to adjust the exciting problem area.

Against the "ears" on the thighs

Perform exercises for the breeches should be 8-10 times each.During the workout do 2-3 sets, alternating movement.

  1. Squats .Correct the general shape of the legs, tone the buttocks.Recommended as a warm-up for the warm-up muscles.Spread your legs, arms - on the waist or to set up his head, hold the palm lock.With flat back squat to the floor, clutching tightly to his feet.
  2. Partial squats .Improve buttocks shape.Squat only halfway, hold your body in the down position for a few seconds.
  3. Lunges .Work directly over the zone of riding breeches.Standing, step forward with one foot.Transfer the weight of the body on it and drop down as low as possible.Rear leg standing on the toe, her knee - unbent.Repeat with the other leg.
  4. Mahi, lying on its side .Follow the upper and lower legs.Lie on your side, tighten your legs.Make low mahi upper leg.Then, bend it at the knee, put on the floor in front of the lower leg.Follow mahi second leg.Turn to the other side and do again.

For inner thigh

Do at least 10 times in 2-3 sets each exercise.

  1. Wide squats .Legs wide arrange socks apart.Slowly sit down, stay, go up.Keep your back flat.
  2. pliƩ .Stand up, put near the heel, go up on tiptoes.If it is difficult to stay in this position, perform against the wall.Slowly sit down, stay and go.
  3. Squat with the ball .Spread your legs, hold between them the ball above the knees.Push your hips, slowly squat while holding the ball.Once again linger in the lower position, rise.
  4. Compression ball.Lie on your back, bend your legs and hold the ball between his knees.Squeeze it in 30 seconds, straining his thigh.Relax and repeat.

to hamstring

Perform exercise 12-15 times.

  1. Deep squats .From a standing position with hands on waist deep to sit down without lifting the heel off the floor.
  2. Mahi ago .On his knees with a flat back to straighten one leg back, perform swings, keeping it perfectly flat.Repeat with the other leg.
  3. Mahi lying .Lying on his stomach, lift the straight leg at a time or together.
  4. Mahi bent leg.Lying on his stomach, get your hands under chin, bend at the knee with one leg.Follow it up small mahi.Repeat with the other leg.

How to make the complex more efficient

to exercise for weight loss buttocks and thighs brought a greater effect, pay attention to your diet and drinking regime.No need to go on a diet, it is sufficient to exclude from the diet of muffins and other baking, limit sweets and forget about the fat, fried food.Water also must be many in the daily consumption: 1.5-2 liters of drinking water, non-carbonated waters.It will help to normalize the metabolism and provide intensive excretion of fat degradation products.

As you can see, slimming the hips do not need a lot of effort.Only regular exercise and proper diet!