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  • 1 What Bodyflex
  • 2 basis Bodyflex - breathing
  • 3 breathing technique
  • 4 complex belly
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    • 4.2 ugly grimace
    • 4.3 Side stretch
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What Bodyflex

Bodyflex - it is simple exercises for a flat stomachand slender body, including elements of stretching and breathing exercises.The complex covers all muscle groups, starting with the facial muscles and finishing calves feet.However, it includes, surprisingly, only a dozen exercises, the implementation of which takes 20 minutes a day.

create a magical (I'm not afraid of this word, as she is a fan of Bodyflex for a year) exercises to burn fat American Greer Childers.Experienced significant weight gain and fruitless attempts to lose weight on diets and using power complexes, it has created a new line of home fitness that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

basis Bodyflex - breathing

feature of this technology is attracting oxygen, as a na

tural antagonist of fat for its burning.To achieve this you just breathe deeply and correctly, that is the basis of exercises for a flat stomach and sides.Along with breathing exercises should be performed (it is always static rack) designed to stretch the muscles.

complex is performed exclusively with the contracted chest that trains the internal muscles of the peritoneum and the press.Exercise vacuum for a flat stomach stimulates, including stomach (this is also a muscle).Due to this naturally reduces appetite.

first results of aerobic exercise to burn fat on the abdomen will give on the third day, when the "belly" will be tightened, and a week later will slowly but surely "melt."Observe the dynamics followed with a soft tape measure, taking measurements of the abdomen volume, hips, buttocks.In my case, a full range of daily Bodyflex gave the result - minus 10 centimeters at the waist for a month.So I know exactly how to remove fat from the abdomen, and what training it requires.

Breathing Technique

Before the exercises for the abdomen and waist, you should work out the breathing technique.I advise you to practice before you start working on it in a couple of days.First, be dizzy, overcome cough, because you will inhale as not breathing earlier.But it will pass quickly.So, let's begin.

  1. Stand, slightly bend your knees, rest your hands on them.
  2. Breathe out through your mouth, slow and very smooth.Exhale all-everything that is in the lungs, and even that is in the stomach.You should feel that you exhale you have dried and turned into "an icicle."
  3. When the inside is empty, take a sharp breath nose.He should get himself sharp, involuntarily, as if the pump sucks in the air inside.Breathe deeply, strongly, full of light!
  4. a split second delay oxygen and exhale a very sharply through the mouth.This exhalation must be almost instantaneous, rapid, sound (turn oh! Oh! Or something like that).
  5. And then pull your belly as you can much.In this position you will perform exercises to burn fat at home.

complex belly

If you want to remove fat from the abdomen, exercise should include the whole range of Bodyflex to help work out as the thighs, buttocks and upper body.Now we will present a brief technique, how to remove belly fat - exercise for a flat stomach should be done only 3 times each.The total time of the internal vacuum condition should be 8 seconds (count myself).


tones the stomach, stimulates the muscles of the face.

  1. Make respiratory complex in the normal position.
  2. Fold the lip ring in, stick out your tongue as low as possible.Eyes lift up, feeling the stretch facial muscles.
  3. Breathe, repeat from respiratory equipment.

This exercise works just 40 facial muscles and your abs.

ugly grimace

Returns tone and strengthens the neck press.

  1. Make respiratory complex in the normal position.
  2. Tilt the head back, feeling the tension of the neck muscles.Smooth hands rewound back slightly.
  3. After 8 counts inhale again.

Side stretch

Returns you to the waist.

  1. Make respiratory complex in the normal position.
  2. lunged leg to the side, move the weight on it.The opposite hand Get behind the head and drag her to the side lunge.
  3. After 8 counts inhale, repeat on both sides.


works with the front abdominal muscles.

  1. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees.Make breathing complex.
  2. With contracted chest, lifting your upper body off the floor, working press.Head does not help, zaprokinte it slightly back.
  3. After 8 counts breathe, fall, repeat.


again working press.

  1. continued to lie on the floor, put his feet flat, slightly dilute.Make breathing complex.
  2. Lift the legs off the floor and follow the widest swings in the hand, as if cut air.
  3. Lower, breathe, repeat.


Stretching back and press.

  1. Get on all fours, take a breath complex.
  2. With retracted belly arch your back up as much as possible.
  3. After 8 counts inhale again.

Working technique Bodyflex, do not forget to drink 1.5 liters of water per day.No diet is not required, you can have anything you want.But that result was tangible, from the baking dish and roast potatoes should be abandoned.