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  • 1 L-carnitine
  • 2 Fat external
  • 3 tablets, fat burners
  • 4 blockers carbohydrates
  • 5 appetite suppressant
  • 6 Water as a way to quickly lose weight
    • 6.1 Fighting edema
  • 7 Fractional power
  • 8 protein isolate
  • 9 Complex protein
  • 10 meal Replacements

So long as there is3-4 months prior to the holiday, let's look at the top 10 effective weight loss methods of sport medicine.In fact, many women have no idea that the L-carnitine, fat burners and appetite blockers - this achievement is sports medicine in the last 30-40 years, but use them regularly.The peculiarity of these dietary supplements - their maximum efficiency, because in sport everything is decided by millimeters and fractions of seconds.


L-carnitine - one of the most popular and safest fat burner, which regularly receives about one-third of Americans.L-carnitine (L-carnitine, carnitine) - an amino acid that is responsible for lipolysis of fat in our body.It takes energy fro

m fat and uses it to improve the performance of the heart and blood vessels, contraindications, but there are a prerequisite: In order to lose weight you can only drink when you exercise or physical labor (kleite wallpaper, planting flowers, etc.)Dosage ranges from your objectives and the quality of the product, for example, the preparation of RED STAR LABS contains from 97 to 99% pure L-carnitine (the so-called base carnitine and carnitine salt is not).With this in one capsule contains a maximum dose of 5,000 mg, so the doctors even recommend to share one vial for 3 doses (very economical, the box is enough for 3 months).

At the pharmacy, you can often see the L-carnitine for the cores, but the dosage there are only designed for the maintenance of the heart, as a fat burner work dosage of sports nutrition.Another plus carnitine - it increases endurance during training, so that you will feel better and less tired.

Fat external

With "stuck pieces" fat on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks in sports creams easily cope fat burners.They penetrate through the protective barrier of the skin (which is why they are called transdermal) and make their way directly to the old deposits of so-called "gray fat" - the oldest and inaccessible.The dosages of the active ingredients in sports creams several times higher than in cosmetics, so the effect (not just weight loss, but also tightening, improve skin surface, taking away the "orange peel") is noticeable stronger.For example, the Sculpt of Spanish cream (female cream called Celluless, male - Absteel) Creates a feeling of alternate cooling and heating, so that the body does not have time "to protect themselves", and he has to "give" fat all the time - at night (if you smear for the night,the cream works while you are resting), or even a few hours after a workout (if you put him directly in front of the occupation he does not stain clothes, leaving only a slight odor of menthol

tablets, fat burners

There are two types:.. lipotropics. and thermogenics thermogenics achieve calorie consumption increase due to the fact that the raised body temperature by 0.5-2 degrees plus thermogenics -. all-natural composition, cons - not everyone likes to play sports at an elevated temperature (someone moves is bad, someone-So do not like excessive sweating, etc.)

lipotropics accelerated release fatty acids from the fat storage rooms.Pluses: their action has a positive effect on the liver, taking with it some of the load.Cons: Due to the strong tonic effect (as if you drank a few cans energotonik) you can feel the excitement.Some like it becauseburst of energy makes it possible to do more in training.

sure to condition all of these dietary supplements are used together c exercise and only after consulting your doctor.

carbohydrate blockers

This invention Pharmacology works by blocking the enzymes that break down carbohydrates.As a result of carbohydrates "straight road" go "on the way out", not settling in designated nature areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.Typically, these blockers are part of weight loss program together with pills, fat burners and L-carnitine.Most of them have virtually no contraindications, but if you exceed the permissible dose (and the temptation usually large), it is possible to indigestion.

carbohydrate blockers are always recommended, along with physical activity, and only after consulting your doctor.Most popular - Thermoloid from the company Goliath Labs, Carb Block by Ultimate Nutrition.Mandatory consultation of the doctor.

appetite suppressors

blockers calories, Appetite Suppressants, anoreksigeny, anorectics - these names are familiar to many women, but most do not know that they come from sports medicine.This is a large group of various nutritional supplements act to reduce appetite in one of several ways: by blunting "hungry" signal of an intermediate brain or by reducing gastric acid concentration, or by activation of the satiety center.

However, not all drugs in this group are harmless, you can drink a healthy person, and after consultation with the doctor.Another of the downsides - they are not at all clear whether it reduces appetite in person you can only experimental way.
considered relatively safe fluoxetine and sibutramine, but they can be used after consulting a doctor.

water as a way to lose weight quickly

Water - best friend losing weight and the main enemy.It all depends on your treatment with it.By the way, a more accurate version of how much a person needs to clean water a day is as follows: weight divided by 20. That is, a woman weighing 60 kg should drink 3 liters of pure water, and 70 kg - is 3.5 (juices and coffee is not herecount).Thus, something that can be done with water alone.

For example, before a meal to drink a glass of water before each meal.The calculation is simple: because the stomach will less food and you do not eat too much.There and back, but also the concept of working nutritionist Herbert Shelton - do not drink water, food.It is not useful, first, because the water dilutes the saliva and weakens its splitting action.Secondly, the concentration decreases the gastric juice, washing useful enzymes that degrades digestion.However, both these concepts easily coexist in one body.

Fighting edema

Another way to rapid effect of water on weight loss know gynecologists Soviet school.It helps fight swelling even in the last months of pregnancy.The method consists in the fact that for 2-3 hours before bedtime, you put yourself quart of clean water (can be a little more, but no less) and start drinking a sip during this time.It creates the effect of a dropper, the kidneys begin to filter better.During the night, you'll have some time to run to the toilet, which is not very convenient.But!Do you drink 1 liter of water and 2 liters of output per night.In the morning those who had become stuck in the body fluid, are easier on 2 kg.And what is even more enjoyable - after 3-4 days of reduced swelling under the eyes, not swollen hands and feet.A big plus - you will not want to eat before going to sleep, because in the stomach almost all the time in the water.Minus: to appear this effect, it is necessary to hold out for 3-4 days, but you will like the result.Contraindications: kidney and heart problems, hormonal edema.

Fractional power

Athletes will never go hungry, especially when they need to lose weight.Deposit weight loss - trust your body, and trust he will, unless you morite him a bunch of different, ever-changing constraints.Any mouse makes stocks, and that your reasonable body starts to do them, if it smells like "hibernation hungry."Therefore, athletes eat 5-6 times a day, slowly, but fully.You can go If you wish to separate food - proteins separately, carbohydrates separately.Middle kollarazh diet - 1500 calories a day during exercise 2-3 times a week.If you want to lose weight more intensively - in 1200 and below.Universal recipe is still the same - calorie consumption must be more than consumption.

Protein Isolate

sports doctors and nutritionists often recommend losing weight to replace one of the meals for 30-40 grams isolate.Protein - is the invention of sports medicine, in which you get pure protein from milk, meat, eggs (or even peas, soy for vegetarians).Moreover, if the usual protein contains little carbohydrates (e.g., whey protein can be sweet because the sugar contained in lactose), then isolate - pure protein is from 0% carbohydrate.This powder is almost no taste, it should be diluted with water only.Less: it is not tasty.Pros: the body gets only building material that comes a feeling of satiety.

Complex protein

If you do not know how to pull himself from the refrigerator at night, the best is probably the invention of sports medicine for the last 10 years - an integrated (combined) protein.It includes various protein species.For example, a serum that will give you a feeling of fullness after 15 minutes.It also includes the casein protein is the most slowly digestible (mainly casein, a protein or cottage cheese).His assimilation takes about 7 hours, during which you will be satisfied and will not wake up at night by unbearable hunger.multi-component protein occurs much effect individual effect of different kinds of it.

Meal Replacements

This is something from the past century, science fiction, where writers come up with a bright future.They contain all the necessary nutrients in the right proportions - proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins often.Moreover, they are contained in the form of proteins, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and micronutrients.They are easy to replace any meal, they are almost completely absorbed, provide less stress on the gastrointestinal tract.Pros: on business trips, with heavy work schedule you will not find yourself hungry.Cons: here it is not necessary to ask for supplements, it all goes to fat.Please note: no protein or meal replacement is not necessary to use more than once a day, it is not necessary to train the body to work too easy on the digestion.

Safe weight loss is considered to be 500-700 grams per month.With such a smooth weight loss you learn good habits and do not return to harmful kilograms.When using the achievements of sports medicine, you can lose weight much faster (especially if fat burner-cream will tighten the skin), but do not forget to do sports!Not necessarily just to climb on trainers or go to karate.Yoga, running, jumping rope, swimming, even Nordic walking - is also a sport, practice regularly and if so, that you sweat and feel the increase in heart rate of 120-140 beats per minute.