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  • 1 As part with the guy who loves you?
  • 2 How to quit Man without offending him?
  • 3 How beautiful part with the guy?
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You can of course just start to avoid it - "let himself somehow guess" or provoke a conflict and give him all that boiling.This is the worst possible option.The fact that the unwritten laws of life that you send to the world, and to you the same returns.You do not want to one day have done so with you, breaking your heart?Then it is desirable to learn how to give up the right guy.

As part with the guy who loves you?

  • most important thing that you should do - is to talk to the guy honestly and openly, without blaming or humiliating him.Think well in advance what you are going to say.You may also want to adjust, and even rehearse your speech.
  • an appointment with the eye is not the eye.Let this be a neutral territory, does not evoke any memories.Notify like by telephone or via the internet - too humiliating for a g
    uy not characterize you as a strong personality.
  • Choose the right time for a responsible conversation.Do not greet him with all third parties, or in a hurry as if "the way."
  • When speaking do not worry, try to control your voice and do not get bogged down in the cry, even if you blame the guy starts or emotional pressure, trying to make you change your mind or give him another chance.If you have made a firm decision and do not like it, you do not need to retreat.

How to quit Man without offending him?

Many girls in the shower which matured the decision to complete the relationship, worry that involuntarily forced to cause another person pain.But both want to get you both retained only the best and remembering a good impression about the time spent together.In this regard, the question arises: "How to leave a man and stay friends?" If you do not want to offend the guy, do not offer him friendship immediately after talking about breaking relations."Friendship instead of love" sounds very annoying and even humiliating, but only until the wounds are still fresh.Let the guy to go through the bad news and get used to the idea that you are no longer together.Then, perhaps, he will ask you to make friends.

How beautiful part with the guy?

If you show their best human qualities at parting, as delicately as possible will try to tell the guy about his decision, will pick the right words, not blaming, and, in any case, not regretting it, you make it a nice parting.For each person, these words will be unique.For some, it will be very important, if you give him to understand that at the end of the relationship you do not turn away from him, still value him as a person and would like to see him among his friends.At the same time the other guys did not believe in friendship after love, and see you after parting may be too painful for them.Nice gesture - remember the pleasant moments of your relationship, and sincerely thank the guy for them.Just remember that you need to speak from the heart.The falsity is too evident in these moments.

in delicate moments of parting is difficult to do so as not to offend anyone.However, you are able to soften the blow for a guy who is likely to have been once the roads.Free yourself from remorse and open the way to new happy relationship!

As part guy who loves you: Video