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  • 1 Script bachelorette party
  • 2 Contests for a bachelorette party
    • 2.1 Feed me!
    • 2.2 overflow Caution!
    • 2.3 Erotic gum
    • 2.4 invented the story of the bride
    • 2.5 say goodbye to the past
    • 2.6 blinded favorite
    • 2.7 to know their friends
    • 2.8 Chicken
  • 3 What else please the guests?

Bachelorette party before the wedding will be an excellent opportunity not only to bring together your favorite girlfriends, but also good fun, forget about the pre-wedding bustle and get a lot of pleasure from communicating with loved ones.

If you still decide how to spend your bachelorette party and worried about the moral side of the issue, leave unnecessary doubts.Gather with friends and may well be at home rather than at a bar or club.A fun and good humor will add bachelorette party contests!

Script bachelorette party

So, where to start?Surely, with a script!Prepare it in any form, or let it be a witness at the wedding of the future.You do not have to think of

it in every detail, the main thing that it was from the heart!Record which tenders for a bachelorette party, you want to spend what props you need.

can prepare for a celebration and guests.For example, invite them to a costume party where the bride will surely be the queen of the evening.A guest - characters from fairy tales or funny cartoon characters.Do not be afraid to embody the most original, even the children's ideas.The more interesting they are, the more vivid memories remain of your bachelorette party.

Contests for a bachelorette party

main rule of a good party: do not let anyone get bored!Games for stag parties will not be allowed to do any of your young girlfriends, ladies or aged.Options competitions and there are many games.We have prepared a selection of the most interesting for you.

Feed me!

Ideal competition for the bachelorette party, a very funny and easy.You will need only what is on your holiday table: salads, snacks and hot.Contestant blindfolded, and then handed the spoons and plates of food.The task - to feed his mate and try to do it as carefully as possible.The winner is the team that will eat faster and remain very clean.

overflow Caution!

participating in this competition again blindfolded.They must carefully pour the water from one glass to another using straws for a cocktail.And do not shed a single drop!Decant it is possible not only water, but also any other drink of your choice.

Erotic gum

And who said that the idea for a bachelorette party should be exclusively moral?This is a great competition, which is great to cheer all the girls on your holiday.Take a new clothesline gum, cut it into pieces and sew a few rings in diameter of 15-20 cm. Contestants must wear a ring-gum at the waist, and then, erotic dancing to the music, take them off.In the finale - applause!

composed bride story

your close friends will remember something special about your childhood or schooling.Encourage them to talk about it.Rather, write down a few sentences.And then read out loud all the memories - you will get a real funny story, which then can be expensive to sell at a wedding auction.

say goodbye to the past

In this competition can participate not only the bride but also her friends.After all, each of them certainly want something to forget or change something in their lives.Give participants paper and markers.And burn it with what you want to say farewell: the names of the former, past failures, doubts.All written read out the loud, burn and develop the ashes to the wind.

blinded favorite

Each girl will be able to dazzle the man of her dreams.Give her this balloons of different shapes (round, oval, elongated), scotch tape and a pair of markers.And then the air is quite a favorite, you can dance!

to know their friends

For this competition girlfriends need to bring their own baby pictures.The bride should look at each and decide who is depicted in the photo.


fun contests to come up with a hen party hard!Give each participant a pen and paper.And ask them to write the word "chicken" with his foot.Presented?Believe me, it will be even more fun!

What else to please the guests?

All that will lift them up!Prepare cheerful music, book into the nearest cafe something tasty (not very well prepared!), Make every friend a small gift.You can use any souvenir symbolizing wedding or your strong friendship.

Include the script a couple of parties of divination.They are very fond of all the unmarried girls and maintain signs and wedding traditions.Never mind that the Baptism or other traditional evening for divination do not coincide with the date of your party.In marriage, you go once, so treat yourself to a couple of friends and fortune-telling on her spouse, or in the future.

We have given you a few tips on preparing a fun bachelorette party.Use them or change at their discretion.And the best holiday for you and your friends is guaranteed!