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  • 1 Vintage wedding superstitions and omens
  • 2 Modern wedding omens and superstitions
  • 3 most pleasant wedding signs and traditions

For centuries, marriage was considered important, sacredritual.It was preceded by the bride and the suit, which took place in certain scenarios.A wedding day to make a set of specific actions required and the groom and the bride.

Wedding signs and traditions have the same goal - win the support of luck or higher powers, for many years to settle the happiness and prosperity to the young family.How effective observance of wedding rituals, hard to judge.But it does not matter.The main thing is to believe in what they can help you.And your marriage will be truly happy and strong!

Vintage wedding superstitions and omens

age of these will dates back several centuries.

  • If your wedding day is rain, it portends well-being of a young family.
  • Family happiness bride should cry on their wedding day.
  • After leaving the bride to the wedding, th
    e floors in the house need to be washed, the girl did not come back to live in his parents' house.
  • to the place of the wedding or registration can not get a straight road.To fool the evil spirits, choose ornate routes and detours.Scare away evil car alarms and loud shouts of young friends.
  • to family life has been a long, way to young to the altar can not cross.Avoid this helps witnesses who are just in front of the bride and groom.
  • Both before and immediately after the wedding, do not let anyone stand in front of the groom and the bride near a mirror.Close reflection stranger portend betrayal.
  • As a gift you can not pass a young cutlery (forks and knives): family relationships will not be smooth.Yet you can not give clocks and calendars - so you make family life short.If the bride's mother was happily married, she has to give her daughter an heirloom, to bring in a young family well-being.
  • To avoid the evil eye, you need to pin to pin down wedding dresses heads.The bride - on the inside hem of her dress, the groom - a boutonniere.The pins should not be visible to others.
  • bring good luck to the family life will help old shoes.The bride should wear a wedding or worn shoes, or the day before the wedding to vilify new shoes.
  • After the ceremony, the young should be put on a bench, so that they did not share anything.Under his feet lay a fur coat - so you make the life of a wealthy family.
  • Putting pillows in the marriage bed should be close to their pillowcases touching.This bodes friendly life spouses.

Modern wedding omens and superstitions

Wedding traditions and signs of recent years adapted to modern life.Some of them are originated from ancient superstitions.

  • heel, broken on the wedding day heralds the "lame" family life.
  • If the bride wears earrings married friend, the young wife will be happy in marriage.
  • can not wear the wedding dress green.
  • Mother of the bride and groom should wear dresses, not pantsuits.The latter may bring the young imminent parting.
  • refiner can not wedding rings of parents.It is better to buy a new, and the bride and groom need to do it together, which will bring a friendly family life.
  • Giving measure engagement rings is prohibited, as well as wedding gowns.According to the signs, it will be a cause of frequent quarrels in the family.
  • If the registry office before the couple will split in half and eat candy, their life will be sweet.A look in the mirror after the ceremony - to a happy marriage.
  • After returning from the registry office, the couple must walk around the holiday table three times, at that time a senior member of both families will pay compliments to the girls.This ritual symbolizes the everlasting bond newlyweds.

most pleasant and wedding signs tradition

  • You can not take pictures of the wedding day the bride and groom separately.It is - for an early break.
  • best time to get married - in the afternoon, which will bring a young family fortune and longevity.
  • cross the threshold of the house after the wedding, the bride and groom must be on hand.This means that the husband will always appreciate especially his wife.

believe whether or not the wedding signs - your business.You may want to believe in the most pleasant, but about bad just forget.After all, happiness of family life depends not on what you have observed the rituals of the wedding day.And how will your respectful attitude towards each other.And what would be your mental attitude.It is positive?Then you will find a long and happy life!