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  • 1 Women office wear - it banned?
  • 2 Ladies office suits - what can?
  • Rule 3 of inconsistencies
  • 4 Women's costume for the office in the summer
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When hiring a large company you probably indicated to the requirements of the dress code.No bright colors in clothes, no cause of styles, all strict and accurate ... and point.But you must admit, surrounded by colleagues not always want to look like everyone else.And for office clothing will help you with this.

Women office wear - it banned?

To begin with we shall understand, what to avoid explicitly.Due to the fact that the task of the dress code - help employees not to be distracted from work, staring at the sides on defiantly dressed ladies and guys in tight T-shirts, his claims do not allow the use of dress:

  • mini and maxi,
  • high slits,
  • deep neckline,
  • T-shirts and tank tops with inscriptions and sequins,
  • large color prints, peas and leopard.

Even if you prefer everything

bright and tight, most things will have to give in everyday life.Otherwise, before you can get quite a difficult dilemma: either extraordinary style, or career.

Ladies office suits - what can?

choosing women's suits for the office, prefer the classic version with a minimum of decoration.Preferred skirt and trouser suits two-piece dresses, wallets, jackets, blouses.

Classic Costumes blouses are perfectly combined with light pastel tones.With them it is possible to use thin knitted jumper bright colors.To little to dilute the strict look, tie a scarf on his neck.This accessory (he) will revitalize your image and it will be especially relevant in black and white clothing.

Do not give up the dresses, especially if you're used to wear them in everyday life.The office will be to place the dress-cases, quite closed, medium-length and calm colors.If we add to them a little trim accents, such as drapery or elegant finish, you will no longer look like Mary Poppins.Besides dresses-cases perfectly combined with options outer garments: boleros, jackets, jackets, stoles.Use this combination to instantly transformed from a strict office ladies in the Queen corporate party.

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Rule one mismatch

Bring individuality in women's costume for the office will usually a mismatch.It goes something like this: if you pick up clothes for the office, you can forget about one of the three main requirements:

  • decor,
  • color,
  • style.

Believe me, there are no irregularities in the dress code, you will not suffer.And will not find fault in anything.For example, if you do not go pastel colors (you have blond hair and ivory skin, and face merges with the bright clothing), choose a bright color.This style of your suit should be critically rigorous, and the number of accessories - tend to zero.

your love of dresses will support a choice of different styles.But at the same time, avoid flashy fabrics and bright colors.Even if you're a fan of the original accessories and interesting decor, the dress code is also not in a position to restrict the call of your soul.Feel free to try to trim accessories to the office as well, but limit the minimum number of them.And pay attention on quality, expensive samples.The suit in this case, of course, must be strict.

Women's costume for the office in the summer

Do not worry, that in the summer, the problem of choosing office clothes in front of you will be particularly acute.On the contrary, summer allows slightly deviate from the usual business style.And instead of strict classical costumes used in the wardrobe clothing free style.A, respectively, to look less official.Suit Lightweight, natural fabrics in light colors.You can add to the overall image of a bright accessory - a bracelet or pendant.In this dress you will be comfortable at work and not hot on the way to the office and home.

course, office clothes should have to work and not interfere with it.Therefore, give preference to natural fabrics at any time of the year - they are breathable and allow the skin to breathe.While clothing made of synthetics can be a feeling of discomfort.Pay attention to the quality of fabrics and seams: even the most low-key suit looks noble and elegant, if it professionally sewed of good-quality fabric.And of course, watch the cleanliness of your office wardrobe.Grease stains and torn buttons would negate all your efforts to look stylish and attractive.

Women suits for office: video