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  • 1 Advantages high heels
  • 2 dangerously high heels
  • 3 Choosing the right shoes!
  • 4 Beautiful high-heeled shoes: Video

Beautiful high heels - exclusively female prerogative.That's why we wear them with great pleasure.One has only to remember how you turned around after men when the last time you wore your favorite pair of "pins" all the assurances of doctors about the health hazards sidelined.

Benefits shoes on

high heels We wear these shoes no matter what.We are not afraid of difficulty driving in the car, the risk tuck foot in a dark alley, a real inconvenience when you return from the store with heavy bags.Because the platform shoes and high heels make every woman a bright and attractive!

and also allow:

  • correct posture, to make it smooth and more feminine;
  • improve gait, bring it smooth;
  • give a spectacular view of the dress, a skirt, a business suit;
  • make a woman seductive;
  • add a bright accent the overall stylish image.

Choosing a new pair of shoes

helps get rid of stress (proved by scientists!), It can be a great incentive for the early completion of a difficult project and a great way to please yourself, your favorite in a difficult life situation.This beautiful high-heeled shoes can bring not only good mood.

dangerously high heels

Heels really affect your posture.If you regularly wear they create additional stress on the spine, which ultimately has a negative impact on the general tone of the body and health.Fans of high "stud" more often than other women to suffer from lower back pain.They can pursue other ailments:

  • blisters that occur more often than other shoes to wear;
  • appearance seals on the soles, due to the increase in body weight pressure on the foot, and center of gravity;
  • pain and tension in the foot and lower leg;
  • discomfort in the calf muscles;
  • occurrence of arthritis - due to the unnatural position of the feet and knees are affected;
  • formation of varicose veins - due to circulatory disorders of the feet;
  • appearance of edema.

All this makes us think, and it is necessary in the daily life of these beautiful shoes with high heels.But as the desire to look irresistible definitely win in every woman, a closer look at recommendations on the choice of footwear.Her you can safely carry without harm.

Choosing the right shoes!

incredible array of models of shoes allows us to freely choose a pair for everyone.It is worth to pay attention not only in style, but also in the comfort of your feelings.The fact that the shoes suitable to you in size, can be extremely uncomfortable for the individual structure of the foot.Therefore, we do not recommend to buy shoes in the shops - there you just can not try them.

Pay attention to the shape of the heel.The most popular model in the modern heels ladies shoes:

  • «hairpin»,
  • «shot of»,
  • flat,
  • square.

Shoes thick heel square shape will be more convenient than a "stud".

When choosing a heel height, remember that the effect of the 10-centimeter "pin" is not nearly as higher than the 7-inch heels.For frequent socks allow yourself a little indulgence.Let your shoes will be more comfortable.Then, back and legs will respond gratefully to a lack of pain.

And a few more tips on proper wear beautiful shoes with high heels.

  • not wear them all the time. Even if you go to the office or at a business meeting, it is possible to take with a pair of comfortable "boats".And get to them at the wheel or in the subway, to reduce the time spent at the feet uncomfortable shoes.
  • Try to wear these shoes only when it is really important to you: for example, to work or to a restaurant.And for a walk with the dog or the shop put something simpler.
  • Treat yourself to a variety of styles!Let in your wardrobe present shoes on "stud" in the thick heel, platform and wedges.For many outfits, especially informal, are ideal for the latest two models.And they are known to feel like slippers!

And yet - do not give up at all shoes with heels.Some women prefer the sporty style of clothing, choose shoes instead of sneakers and a "boat."But it is no less dangerous than regular exposure maxi heels.The fact that the structure of the female foot support requires mandatory heel height of 3-4 cm. When this support is not deformed foot.And may occur as chronic pain and varicose veins.

Beautiful high-heeled shoes: Video