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Hipsters - is not just a fashionable during the middle of the last century.It is a way of life, way of thinking and behavior that have emerged in response to the grayness of everyday life of the Soviet Union.Great country was just beginning to move away from the devastation left by the war.Against this background, suddenly began to appear bright young people dressed brightly, but not tasteless.

style ideas come from abroad.Far America lived a full, fun life, inaccessible to the Soviet youth.From it, and inspired dudes, create your own palette of colors and styles.

Features clothing style mods

If we look at women's fashion, this style of focusing on payment: form-fitting top and lush skirts.Dress in the style of mods certainly had several petticoats, just so he could be made a stunning volume effect.And Petticoats were made not i

n classic white or even in one color.Often, they were colorful and coyly peeking out from underneath the main skirt.

colorful images and vibrant colors complement outfits.Dresses were full of beautiful patterns, contrasting decor.Were very popular fabric with stripes, polka dots, in small and large flower.

K-sleeved dress was not general requirements: there are models with sleeves-lanterns, straight three-fourths or no.

the mid 60s dudes started to dress more elegantly.Through the influence of Western cinematography and costumes became more reserved and not very colorful.

Style mods today

can not say that this style is still very popular.Rather, in view of its particular specificity, it remains popular on the theme parties and among a very self-confident young people.Over time, the clothes in the style of mods has undergone some changes.But if you want to repeat the classics of the genre, then remember that:

  • should choose a dress with close-fitting top.It should emphasize your femininity and precise figure;
  • fit dress with sleeves or without, with drapes on the bodice, on the broad shoulder straps;
  • pay attention to colors and patterns.Ornaments, pictures, peas, flowers, bright, saturated colors - this is what you need!
  • skirt can be of different lengths.In the classic form of mods I remember knee-length skirt.But there are shorter options that are ideal for cocktail parties, weddings and prom friends at school;
  • if you do not want to wear a full skirt, stop your choice on the direct skin-tight dress, but always bright colors with contrasting trim;
  • clothing style hipsters love the decor.Therefore, free use fashion for two seasons in a row ruffles and flounces to decorate the dress.And the bow tie decorated with a wide belt under the bodice.

Accessories mods

Neither lady outfit era dandies did not do without accessories.They were no less bright than the dress!To create this image useful:

  • colorful beads or a necklace,
  • shawl or scarf, best contrasting color,
  • numerous bracelets,
  • big earrings, the best round shape,
  • bright wide belt,
  • hat.

Handbag girl dudes must meet the dress in color and decoration.Choose a small clutch or purse on a long strap.As the shoe fit "boat", high-heeled shoes with pointed toe, open toes or high boots.

Makeup style mods

In everyday life, one of the girls rarely allows himself a makeover.But for theme parties, he will be most welcome:

  1. align the complexion using tonal framework, preferably a couple of shades lighter than your;
  2. on the upper eyelid to draw a clear arrow, thin in the corner of his eyes and thickened - toward the temples;
  3. nakraste thick lashes, absolutely not sparing mascara;
  4. nakraste lips bright red or scarlet lipstick.

Pay attention to the hairstyle. For a complete reconstruction of the image of the famous suit "BabetteĀ»:

  1. separate the hair in front, left to tie a high ponytail;
  2. nacheshite tail and wrap it in a tight roll;
  3. top roller beautiful lay front hair, attach pins, fix hairspray.

can restrict only the tail at the back.It is better to decorate the hair with the help of colored tape or wrap with a bow.

clothes in the style of mods for the party can be bought in specialized vintage stores.Or you can sew herself, using as a basis for the dress that exists in my grandmother's trunk.The main thing to remember about the exceptional brightness of your dress: the more noticeable will be the color and decor, the better!

Clothing style mods: Video