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  • 1 How to tie a scarf around the neck
    • 1.1 simple single node
    • 1.2 Node "Ascot»
    • 1.3 European unit
    • 1.4 Double knot
  • 2 Ideas for themed outfits
    • 2.1 knot "bandanna»
    • 2.2 node "snake»
    • 2.3 Glamorous node
  • 3 How beautiful tie scarf coat
  • 4 methods of tying scarves: video

Today, there are over a hundred ways of tying scarves.And each of them has a right to life!Indeed, in the wardrobe of every fashionista certainly are fewer than a minimum of three to four scarf of different materials of different lengths.

Scarf warm Maher or wool warm cold autumn and winter.Lightweight silk handkerchief will add sophistication to the way the ladies chiffon dress or business suit.Scarf-header and accessory with a fringe around the edges of an original complement the outfit of jeans and a stamp or free shirts.A kitsch arafatka will be the bright accent in a stylish manner.All of this suggests that the mastery of the technique of tying scarves - a powerful weapo

n in the hands of a true lady.

How to tie a scarf around the neck

offer you 8 popular and easiest ways for a classic scarf tying.

Simple single

assembly is quick and easy.It can be used for accessories of any material:

  1. wrap the scarf around his neck;
  2. both ends need to be in front;
  3. tie the ends of the scarf knot.

If you use a scarf with a dense structure and want it, first of all, heat, tie the knot tighter.If your accessory is made of chiffon, satin, harvesters and other light fabrics, can leave a loose knot.It will give your image ease.

Node "Ascot»

This assembly variant - refined and refined.It is suitable for a flirty and romantic image.And to add a touch of femininity in a strict business style.For its implementation will need a square scarf (scarf) made of light fabric:

  1. accessory fold diagonally to get a triangle;
  2. wrap around the neck so that the top of the triangle is in front, and his tips - Rear;
  3. crisscross the ends and switch them over his shoulders in advance;
  4. tightly pull the scarf;
  5. tie short ends of a simple knot or a small bow.

European unit

Among all the ways of tying scarves - the most versatile.It is equally suitable and the young coquette, and the lady at the age, and a man and a child.And no wonder, after all the birthplace of this node - the world capital of fashion in Paris.Especially stylish looks long scarf, knotted European hub:

  1. fold the scarf in half;
  2. perebroste through the neck;
  3. in the resulting loop thread the loose ends;
  4. tighten the scarf.

Double knot

This option is indispensable in the cold season.For its implementation are usually used long warm scarf, which can be several times to wrap around the neck.Ideal looks a unit under clothing with standing collar:

  1. nabroste scarf around his neck so that one of its ends was significantly longer than the other;
  2. wrap double neck long end;
  3. not tighten the scarf is too tight;
  4. hide the ends under your clothes or leave naturally droop.

Ideas for themed outfits

addition of nodes, which are suitable for any outfit, take the adopted ways of tying scarves for thematic clothing options.

Knot "bandanna»

Suitable for sports and casual wear, free style.For him, perfect and bright scarves scarves triangular or square of silk.They are tied on top of plain divers.And profitable emphasizes the shoulder line:

  1. fold scarf triangle;
  2. take its basis, that is, the wider part, and tighten it to the middle of the triangle towards the sharp end;
  3. put the scarf on the shoulders and tie the right knot.

Node "Snake»

Perfect for refined and sophisticated attire, such as an evening or cocktail dress.For his performance, use a long scarf made of light fabric:

  1. tie knots on both ends of the scarf;
  2. tighten the scarf around its axis, to get a tourniquet;
  3. wrap around the neck several times.Both ends have to stay ahead;
  4. thread the ends of the scarf under the top row of the harness, dump the top and bottom rows of a miss.

Glamorous node

This option is ideal for expensive accessories intended for secular parties:

  1. wrap the scarf around his neck;
  2. not tighten the ends to get a free ring in the middle;
  3. position the ends of the front, naturally hanging on his chest.

How beautiful tie scarf coat

as stylish accessories using warm long scarf in a contrasting color:

  1. wrap the scarf around his neck;
  2. cross your rear ends of forward and return;
  3. thread the ends to form a loop;
  4. leave the ends hang or tie in a loose knot.

These methods of tying scarves you can make every time an unexpected zest in everyday clothes and the clothes of the day!

methods of tying scarves: Video