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  • 1 that they can skirt for full hips
  • 2 How to choose a skirt full woman
    • 2.1 Pencil skirt
    • 2.2 skirt, flared down
    • 2.3 skirt with a high waist
    • 2.4 skirt with a smell
  • 3 note fabric
  • 4 Skirts for obese women: video

If you think that to choose a beautiful and stylish skirt forthe total figure is impossible, we hasten to please you.You are wrong!The designers have taken care of so you can not hide your body under the shapeless clothes.And we enjoy it a classic element of the wardrobe and the attention of men!

What are able to skirt full hips

When choosing skirts for the full figure importantly - avoid common mistakes.Feel free to pass by bulky skirts, bags, since they do not hide the extra weight (as is commonly believed in many "pyshechek").On the contrary, they are visually increase the figure, making it a formless.Remember, your round shape - not a flaw.After all, the ladies in the body, according to the majority of men, looking especially femi

nine and seductive.A fashionable skirt for the full - is no exception to the rule.On the contrary, it is an important recommendation to give stylists who care about their appearance.

With the help of well-chosen skirts for obese women, you will be able to emphasize its advantages: nice outline the silhouette and express their individuality in clothing with stylish colors and topical brim.Several successful solutions in the wardrobe, and your love to her reflection in the mirror for a long time will calm your nerves and increase self-esteem.Even if you really want to be slim, but nature has disposed differently, do not despair.Suppose that today you do not help kefir diet, but, thanks to the "right" skirts, you will look beautiful and luxurious.A combination of both with shoes with heels and stockings leaky light colors will make your look even more slender and glamorous.

How to choose a full skirt woman

  • For women with type "pear" shape, which features lower the volume of the body, fit pencil skirt.It can be combined with an adjacent or drapeable top.
  • Figure "apple" with unexpressed waist effectively looks elongated blazers and tunics.Moreover, their length can be as a knee or shorter.
  • not stop only on dark colors.Saturated and bright colors is absolutely contraindicated in full figure.
  • Contrasting prints is also not prohibited.Just make sure that the drawing was not fine.

Pencil skirt

Perfect complete lady.This style delightfully slim heavy silhouette.At the same time, he emphasizes the benefit buttocks and calves beautiful, visually tightening stomach.Skirts for obese women in this style recommended for office, business meetings and special occasions.Solid-color skirt can be combined with blouses, pullovers, jackets.

skirt, flared down

Choose A-line skirt made of light, flowing materials that lend themselves well to draping.Top of it should be made as rigid belt kuliske gum or cord.This universal shaped like long skirts offered for full and medium length.

Very romantic look all the options flared skirts - bell Godet, shestiklinka.With their help, you can easily hide the hips and emphasize the waist.Include them in your wardrobe in any season, choosing a variety of materials and colors.Another advantage of skirts flared - versatility.They go perfectly with both the elegant and the everyday riding.

skirt with a high waist

hide the tummy and elegant outline the hips.Wear elongated versions straight cut or stylish "tyulpanchiki".

skirt with a smell

knitted medium-length version is also suitable for office wear.A long skirt of translucent fabric is the perfect choice for summer: for a trip to a spa or a stroll in the park.

Note fabric

Designers recommend nerelefnye smooth materials.They provide a good fit and you will not add extra centimeters.Eliminate velvet and boucle.

Excellent fit into the wardrobe full skirts for women jeans.They are suitable for walking, shopping and visiting.Wear denim skirt back often, as this material has the property each time the "sit" on a figure better.

For the summer heat will be relevant light fabrics - crepe de Chine and India marlevka.For the fall and winter time is suitable and knitted woolen jersey.Of these, you can sew or buy a skirt or knee-length bohemian model "on the floor".

elastic fabric used in sewing skirts for special occasions.They can go out or go on holiday.These skirts are usually adjacent cut, and can be decorated or even asymmetrical frill.

Hopefully, these tips will help you select a few skirts of options allowing for the figure.And feel feminine and confident at work, a party and a party!

Skirts for obese women: Video