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  • 1 How to choose a coat of mink
  • 2 How to choose a coat of mink color, length, style
  • 3 Accessories mink coat

Today coatsmink fur belongs to the elite products.The history of the creation of the mass began in the XVIII century in Europe from a local mink.In the XIX century began to use the skins of larger American animals.And it is in this period, US production workers laid the foundations of high-quality manufacture of furs.So now it is listed above the US, and not, for example, the Chinese fur of mink.Although European goods is also quite good.

How to choose a coat of mink

Inspect the product.Quality indicators following a good coat.

  1. brilliant, flowing, shimmering skin.If coat looks faded and dull, fur was incorrectly processed or stored in unsuitable conditions.
  2. Elastic villi. Between nap mink contains a large amount of air, which makes the coat to look at this fluffy.When smoothing the villi must quickly return to the starting position.A good nap - fle
    xible, tractable, equal in length and density, does not fall when trying to pinch off a piece.If the pile is sometimes slip or bold looks, his poorly dressed.By the way, thanks to the air gap under the pile in a fur coat will be warm in the most bitter cold.Therefore, the question that warmer - a fur coat or sheepskin coat, experts will say, of course, a fur coat!At the coats ability to retain heat much lower.
  3. lasting color dyed fur. If you plan to buy dyed mink coat, spend on the product with a damp cloth light.It does not change the color.
  4. quality tanning flesh side (the back side of the skin). It is distinguished by softness, elasticity, absence of cracks and squeaks when pressed.Generally recognized manufacturers do not use in their products lining - it shows that they have nothing to hide from the buyer.If the lining is, ask the seller otporot its edge to become familiar with the quality of Mezdra.The request will not be denied in any self-respecting salon.
  5. minimum of seams. fewer seams on the reverse side of the fabric, the longer it will look like new.If you notice that the coat sewn from many small pieces, better give up the purchase, because it "razlezetsya" after a couple of seasons.

How to choose a coat of mink color, length, style

cost mink coat depends not only on the quality of fur tanning, but also on its color:

  • most affordable coat -from light to dark brown tones (the darker, the higher);
  • coat mid-range - painted red fur, beige, gray, blue colors;
  • coat high price category - Ā«TourmalineĀ», it is distinguished by the color of smoke, the effect of which is formed as a result of the transition beige tones in a dark undercoat outer fur;
  • expensive mink coat - unpainted white fur;
  • exclusive, luxury mink - black, with a tinge of blue or purple tones resembling velvet.These products are made of North American mink.

choosing fur length, guided by their own preferences in clothing.If you're used to wear skirts and dresses, winter will be warmer in a fur coat "on the floor".If you often wear trousers, suit and coat.

Styles coats of mink may be different, and in the selection is not necessary to focus on fashion trends.Fur coat because you buy more than one year (a quality product will look like new, and after 5 years of wear).Therefore, the main thing that it was for you to face.Put on your coat, raise and lower your arms, walk.You are comfortable and do not restrict movement?Then this is your option!

Accessories mink coat

Mink fur coat - absolutely self-sufficient product that does not require additional decorations.No way of tying scarves or belts are not the most stylish underlined its nobility and charm.Wearing a mink coat can be:

  • with gold ornaments. Mink and gold - a classic luxury style.Put on a pair of gold rings, one large ring or a bracelet of precious metal.And it is not arranged in the manner of his gold and silver, as will look tasteless;
  • with boots and ankle boots to your taste. Shoes can be leather or suede, its color should be in harmony with the coat.So, to the red mink suit brown boots, and a blue - white;
  • with handbag in tone to his boots;
  • with a cap from a mink, a stylish hat or beret. If you choose a mink hat, the color does not have to match the color of fur, but combined with her tone.Other hats have to be plain, you can pick them up in the color of a handbag and boots.

Use our tips on how to choose a fur coat of mink.And marvel at its magnificence acquaintances and friends!