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  • 1 How to choose the size
  • 2 types of swimwear
    • 2.1 Fused model
    • 2.2 Separate models
    • 2.3 Features sports models
  • 3 Swimsuit and body type
  • 4 color Selection
    • 4.1 By type figure
    • 4.2 By tsvetotipu
    • 4.3 about winning and non-winning colors

Fused, isolated, sport,combined with a high-waisted bikini, monokini, trikini gang, body, soft and dense cup, with thong and skirt with straps and without straps - and it's all about the types of swimsuits.How to choose the right size of the swimsuits?How not to get lost in this abundance, to understand the types of styles and to find "their" model?Swimwear on any figure provided for review online store Bugis.

How to choose the size

Swimsuit - a product which can not be a little more or a little less.He has to sit like a glove.How to choose a swimsuit size?

Table - Standard Size chart bras

International Marking sizes Russia, Germany Italy France Circumference below the breast cup volume
XS 65 1 80 A 63-67
S 70 2 85 B 68-72
M 75 3 90 C 73-77
L 80 4 95 D 78-82
XL 85 5 100 E 83-87
XXL 90 6 105 F 88-92
XXXL 95 7 110 G 93-97

Table - standard dimensional mesh panties

International marking sizes Russian Europe France Italy
XS 42 36 38 1
S 44 38 40 2
M 46 40 42 3
L 48 42 44 4
XL 50 44 46 5
XXL 52 46 48 6
XXXL 54 48 50 7

each collection series, model, manufacturer's are some nuances in dimensional grid.Therefore, before buying a particular model is advisable to consult your dealer.

types of swimwear

How to choose a swimsuit for the pool, active games, sunbathing on the beach, swimming, and just for fun?

Fused model

These include Swimsuit model.

  • «Mayo» .Classical model c sewn wide straps, V-neck or square neck.
  • «Tank» .His feature - tselnokroynost cups and wide shoulder straps.This fused supports good swimsuit chest.
  • «Halter» .Externally similar to the "tank".However, he has a deep neckline and straps thinner locked around his neck.
  • «Bando» .Swimsuit with horizontal line strapless breast.Conceals a long torso and wide hips.Carried through the lace, elastic, shaped cups.
  • «Swim-dress» .The highlight of this model - short skirt sewn to the bottom.These swimsuits are designed for a full figure with lush hips.
  • «Tankini» .This bathing kit, which consists of T-shirts and shorts or swimming trunks with a mean hip line.

Separate models

separate models swimwear called still open.The degree of openness of the top and bottom can vary.These types of swimsuits are good because they can be combined as the top and bottom on a style, style, and color.

  • «Bikini» .The most open of all the types of swimsuits.His feature - tiny panties as two triangles that are tied at the hips.The bra can be soft and sealed cups with seeds and without frame, with inserts "push has been up» and without them.This is the most extensive group of models.
  • «monokini", "Trikini» .These models can also be attributed to the type of fused, but as much as possible open.Their distinguishing feature - the part that connects the top and bottom.Options may be different: a broad band in the middle of the abdomen, thin straps on the sides, weaving ribbons.These original and seductive models emphasize elegance of style.
  • «Bando» ."Bandit" model, as in a cohesive form, also features a horizontal line.Maybe with a soft, solid cup with a skeleton, bones, with straps on the sides, in the middle and strapless.
  • «Push up» .The peculiarity of this model - solid cups with a special frame and insert, with which you can lift the breasts and increase its volume.If necessary, the liner can be easily removed.
  • «Halter» .The bodice can be thin, and thick straps, but fastens behind the neck.Good supports the breast, even in soft cup.

Features sports models

models sport swimwear sewn from thick, elastic fabrics which fit a good body, but does not restrict movement.As a rule, it sealed cup sports models that supports the breast.For swimming, beach sports games, acrobatics classes often choose fused swimsuit model with tight seams, closed the chest and back.Also there are separate densified cup model, but without the frame.For swimming pools, you can use the model of the "body" with the most closed back and chest.

Swimsuit and type

figure How to choose a swimsuit on a figure?Yes, and so remains fairly new purchase?It often happens that the swimsuit is acquired spontaneously: like on someone liked the color or interesting pattern.But at the first exit to the beach tightness, discomfort, discomfort.To avoid this, you need to know about some of the nuances of the selection of models, depending on the type of figure.

  • swimsuit for your figure "pear» .Disproportion silhouette - the main feature of such a figure.It is characterized by: a light, narrow top and bottom heavy with wide hips, full legs.It is necessary to draw attention to the elegant top and detract from problem areas.What models can help to do that?For such shapes are suitable and separate, fused and swimwear.The separate models straps on the bodice to be thin in order to emphasize the graceful neck and hands.Melting should be ample to accentuate the waist.Balance silhouette disproportion help foam inserts, ruffles, draping bodice.Emphasize figure flaws: melting with drawstrings, high-cut on the hips, pants with skirt, slim bikini.Among the fused models should pay attention to bathing suits in the style of "Empire" with a thin strap, wide constriction under the breast.Also will look good on a plain figure sports swimwear with a light horizontal insertion under the breast.
  • swimsuit for your figure "apple» .For this type of characteristic: slender legs, graceful hands, rounded shape of the abdomen and chest, without the expressed waist.If such data is necessary to emphasize the legs, visually lengthen the body, not to focus on the chest and abdomen.Which models are best suited swimsuits?Ideal - tankini in a shirt with wide shoulder straps, deep cleavage.You can choose a halter - with ties at the neck.Silhouettes of a high-cut thigh will be more slender legs.Suit also fused swimsuit with wide straps, a square or V-neck.Ruched and draperies in the abdomen well "disguise" wide waist.What else to pay attention?The material should be thick and elastic without luster.The bra cups should be bones.A woman with a figure of "apple" in a bathing suit "bikini", strapless or with thin straps will be uncomfortable.
  • swimsuit on a figure "rectangle» .This type is not outlined waist silhouette is rectangular in shape.The challenge when choosing a swimsuit - to divert attention from a wide waist.To smooth out imbalances should choose styles with high swimming trunks, U-shaped neck, thin straps, without foam cups, wide lifami.feminine "tankini" fit of the models most.Wide melting with decorative accessories (skirts, ruffles, belts) increase in the volume of the thigh, thereby visually narrow the waist.Well suited for a rectangular shape sports swimwear with smooth lines, they only emphasize the dignity of the figure.Also, you can safely wear swimsuits separate the upper and lower part of which is connected to the strip.What emphasize the disadvantages?Geometric cutouts, thongs, trunks as shorts, bra-type "gangs".
  • swimsuit on a figure "hourglass» .Women with hourglass figure in swimsuits all styles look flawless.Balanced top and bottom does not require any "masking", and "distracting" moments.Yet nature is not perfect.With this type of figure found curvy shape, size large or small breasts, wide hips.But the main advantage - slim waist - always remains.When medium build, you can choose a style strapless or with straps across the neck.With more curvaceous breasts should be well fixed, bra should be on wide straps or tie at the neck.Well suited solid elastic swimsuits that accentuate the waist line.It is desirable that the chosen model was a tough cup.Short legs at such a high figure visually lengthen the cut on the hips and triangular neckline.The elongated torso can be "shortened" using circular cutouts on the sides.
  • swimsuit for a big bust .In this case it is necessary to consider not only aesthetic, but also the practical side.It should be well fixed large breasts, otherwise it will cause trouble while swimming, stay on the beach, swimming in the pool.So instead, you can choose a bodice top with underwire, which well keeps the breast.Bra with large breasts should always be with the bones, and only on the broad shoulder straps.They will help keep your posture straight, unload the back.Good luck to the diagonal line of the chest, that is, all the models with the smell when large breasts will make it even more attractive.Recommended bodices model with a dense mesh is pulled inside.Avoid thin straps, light fabrics, floating cups, foam inserts.
  • swimsuit for a small bust .There are many ways to visually enlarge chest thick cup with bones, such as bras «push up», draping, ruffles and accessories.It is important to compact the bodice fits close to the body and the right size.Mechanical breast enlargement is not always decorates.Increase breast bra with a horizontal line.The most suitable model of "bandit": strapless, with straps, the most remote, or coming out of the center of the bodice.If the owner of a small chest does not set a goal to visually enlarge it, then the most natural option - triangular-shaped cup.Swimsuit on small breasts may well be on a thin ribbon, thin straps, pitted, fixed cup.There is no need to increase the bust with a slim, petite figure and toned chest.
  • swimsuit for wide hips .In broad hips all the attention should be focused on a top.To do this, you need to pick up such a model bras that enhance the breast and make a proportionality in the figure.Well suited bright bodices, deep cleavage.The bottom is better to choose dark colors visually narrow the thigh dark inserts on the sides.You also need to choose the neckline to the melting of medium height.Belts, draperies, obstrochki, skirts, any transverse accessories further increase the volume of the thighs.
What is important to consider when choosing?It is better to buy one expensive and quality than a few cheap swimwear.High-quality swimwear will last more than one season: it is pleasant for the body, not "biting", does not stretch, it does not fade in the sun.Brand swimwear worth buying at the beginning of spring, new collections appear at this time.The closer to fly, the less remains of choices.

Color Selection

How to choose the color of the swimsuit?It is necessary to take into account many factors: the type of shape tsvetotip, personal taste, fashion trend.Well, if all the points are consistent with each other.Colours like perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure, fit the color of the eyes, skin, hair, and old-fashioned in the owner of this swimsuit will not reproach.How to find the best option?

By type figure

color and type of drawing to help balance the imbalance figure.

  • For full figure .Suit dark deep colors that will visually reduce the silhouette.Also recommend a floral print and vertical stripes.Wide and bright vertical stripe in the middle will draw attention and thus hide a wide waist.Dark contrasting inserts on the sides of the waist good draw in detail.Swimsuits for obese women with large breasts should be bright colors, with bright, large pattern, horizontal stripes, with any cross ornaments of shiny fabrics.
  • figures for "pear" type .It is necessary to choose contrasting colors - light top, dark bottom.Leaf can be colored, colorful, polka, stripes, and melting - plain."Cheerful" top to attract attention to himself.In One Piece Swimsuits say a big picture, but should insert that separates the top and bottom, highlights the slim waist.
  • For figures such as "rectangle» .Fit bright, vivid, contrasting colors.It is better to avoid flower ornament.For the fused models perfect diagonal pattern, which narrows the waist.
  • In other features figures.For the "hourglass" fit all the colors.For large breasts - bra color combination: the lower part of the light, and the top - dark.Small breasts increase cross patterns, bright colors, bright colors geometric shapes, small floral patterns.In the narrow hips and shoulders can be safely acquire bright bathing suits and bright colors model.

By tsvetotipu

most important principle: the color of the swimsuit is not selected in the tone of hair or skin.

  • Blondes .Blond woman with light skin suit bright model.Also, the ideal option would be the presence of Oriental, Indian motifs in the colors.Caucasian clearly not suitable white, sand, pale tones swimwear.Color Blondes - lilac, burgundy, turquoise, pink, ripe cherries.It is best to avoid shades of orange and white.
  • Brunettes .Brunette with white skin is better to avoid white, monochrome swimsuits rich purple and blue.Pale skin and dark hair well with a delicate caramel and peach color, which will give the skin a warm tone.With dark skin and dark hair, you can wear bright swimsuits with the rich palette of crimson, emerald, blue, burgundy, chocolate and other colors.Less suitable are light yellow and light green colors.
  • Brown-haired .In this case, the range of choice is much wider.After all, brown-haired are different: with light brown and dark brown hair, light-skinned and dark-skinned, with gray, green, blue, brown eyes.Brown-haired with light skin is better to avoid too bright colors and eye-catching colors.Brown-haired woman with dark skin suit soft and gentle warm colors swimwear, emphasizing the figure.The perfect color - milk chocolate.Many suitable brown-haired model brown, green, lilac shades.Solid black, white, red, blue, green colors are not recommended.It is better to choose a model with a pattern.
  • Redheads .