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Features office clothesdetermines the dress code.This range of laws, unspoken or prescribed in the employment contract with every employee of the company.With regard to the dress code has developed a lot of prejudice.

example, that the office style - always uniform, requires all employees to dress the same institution.With creativity and fashion business - concepts far, so combining them is not even worth trying.And finally, that this style, restrained and austere, just have to be boring.Otherwise the desired effect business attire not reach.

Thus designers and successful business women disagree with these beliefs.Dress restrained and tasteful - does not mean to feel like a gray mouse.Despite the fact that the office fashion is not experiencing signif

icant transformations since its inception (as it happened in the eighties of the last century), it allows you to be relevant and elegant today.How to achieve this?

style rules

«Business Etiquette long been established - says producer and public figure Alexander Kovtunets.- It is recognized in many large companies, successful in the international market.Personally for me it represents, above all, the neatness of dress.She will never be superfluous. "

neatness It determines how it should look for the office dress.Careful, uncluttered and elegant.Yes, that same little black dress created in 1926 of the legendary Coco Chanel!However, the famous fashion designer came up with this style is not "out of the blue."The basis of its classical image has become a dress-box, is rapidly gaining popularity in the first third of the twentieth century.

Feature dress-case lies in its slim silhouette.It is a narrow, close-fitting, well-fitting shape.He does not have a horizontal seam at the waist, no collar and sleeves.Rounded neckline and knee-length, low-key color - all at different times choose to create an elegant image of Jacqueline Kennedy, Edith Piaf, and today - US first lady Michelle Obama.

After rethinking the concept of Coco Chanel case she went through several transformations.On its basis, created a classic evening dress, which for nearly a century goes out of fashion.Office dress code is also based on this style.Choose a dress-box, if you want to create a truly feminine and formal form.It should sit tight in the figure, but it is not swift, like a second skin.


Colours style is broader than is commonly believed.The business office dress does not have to be black or gray.Moreover, the black dress is characterized not just formal and evening, cocktail.Therefore, for a work order, choose other colors.

Suit such colors:

  • dark gray;
  • dark blue;
  • muted burgundy;
  • blue-green;
  • brown;
  • beige.

More and more designers recommend the use of office fashion pastel shades.They are set on the gentle lilac and cream.Excluded bright colors, flashy.However, if we compare the effect which produces a noble deep blue hue and conspicuous neon eyes, the difference becomes apparent.It is not necessary to dress in gray clothes to match office style.Your dress can be both light and deep quiet tones range.

In 2015, designers have attempted to include the white color in the tonal range of the dress code.The basis adopted by way of the Snow Queen, which has taken root in the official fashion.White dress with bare shoulders - for the office dress code sounds almost unbelievable!But if we combine it with a jacket or cardigan strict, elegant and neat image is ready.


Business dress does not accept the light, translucent tissue.Through it should not be viewed underwear, including bra straps from.Choose a dense materials, among which there are attractive and comfortable for every season.

summer give preference along from cotton or linen.The disadvantage of these fabrics is fast creasing, so designers recommend the use of modern composite textiles.This lightweight suiting wool, linen and silk, mixed composition of silk and cashmere.The advantage of these materials is to maintain good form, the ability to absorb moisture and excellent comfort to wear.

In winter versatile choice is knitted dress from comfortable jersey, angora or sewn from thick jersey.


fashion business does not involve only one-color clothes.There is a statement in this style paintings which can "adopt".This traditional English cell in the spirit of "Prince of Wales", and cell size can be selected according to the type of shape and style.Suitable pattern Pied de bullets or "goose foot", forming a few vintage, but a win-win business image.


the concept of "too" should be avoided in the issue of the length of the dress.It should not be too short, or, conversely, too long.The minimum possible length is nine centimeters above the knee, but strict dress code and does not accept this.

Possible solutions:

  • five centimeters above the knee;
  • until the middle of the patella;
  • hides the kneecap;
  • until the middle of the ankle.

woman looks particularly feminine in a dress.

style options

If the dress-case can be considered as a solution in the framework of a strictly business style, the dress-shirt - his choice for everyday image.This style features a sensory model, so you should be careful in the choice of length and fabric.Dress-shirt up to the middle of the ankle looks elegant and neat.Made of thick fabric, it will create an attractive business image.

Another option style - Case-sundress.It can be combined - combined sundress and blouse in the same outfit.And may need to be put on a blouse underneath.In the latter case allowed the model with a low-cut neckline and armholes.But sit sundress should not be so tight as a classic case, and freer.

Combinations clothing

dress to work well with coats and jackets.These combinations make the image more than the individual.You do not have to choose only black rigorous model.For soft dress code suitable original jackets with rounded collar, original features.

When choosing a jacket it is important to combine it with the color tone of the dress.It is important to match their colors, but the colors may be different.The perfect blend - a dark jacket and a bright dress.If both the item of clothing are made in a single tone, they must distinguish textures.


Separate the concept of femininity and sexuality, designers recommend.Sexuality creates multiple, bright decor and office style is unacceptable.But femininity - a delicate, elegant details that will emphasize your individuality.

Complement the strict business dress brooch small, neat pendant silk shawl pastel tones, a string of pearls.The number of accessories in one image should not exceed three, including watches.Therefore, you have the opportunity to combine decor with a belt, gloves, scarf contrast color.

Use bright accessories in the business style nobody forbids!Furthermore this year the designers pay attention to the relevance of such solutions.Designer Ralph Lauren advises to combine plain strict dress with bright belts.And Thomas Meyer has proposed a new collection of business dresses in retro style, but with accessories rainbow hues.

From what to wear

Pick up shoes to the dress for the office is easy and pleasant.Contrary to popular belief, the right solution for the business image is not a stud.It creates an informal appearance, suitable for parties.But in the office of the heel height should be comfortable five to eight centimeters.Avoid models with open fingers, but in the summer suit and shoes without a nose.

The bag should be combined with the shoes in tone.Ideal feminine model with a rigid frame, without prints, different textures: suede, glossy, leather, textiles.

Selection Rules

How to choose and buy an office dress?In addition to general recommendations should follow the designers tips type figure to help you buy a dress right.With the features of models for women with different types of shapes you can find in the online store Quelle.Here is a large catalog of dresses office, news and trends of the season, the classic models at an affordable price.

For full

Women "in the body" often opt for black clothes in the hope that this color "slim."In fact, Black does not hide figure flaws, and highlights their warn designers.So if you want to disguise the shape, choose the model brown color and its shades, from pastel to caramel.

emphasize large breasts checkered print on the shelf or combined style dresses, combining sundress with a blouse.Hide can bust blouse under your neck.

  • Figure «pear» .Recommend classic combination of colors: light top and dark bottom.And the dark - not necessarily black, it can be all shades, the preferred way for business.Conceal excessive fullness of the hips skirt length to the knee without patterns.The top of the dress can be supplemented with a brooch, to draw attention to the chest.
  • Figure "apple» .Vertical print visually "eat" the amount of lines.It helps and layering - a classic combination of dresses with a jacket.Diverts attention from the belly to the bottom flared skirt.

Long sleeve office dresses make the figure even more accurate.Short Sleeves - selection for the summer, but their length should be two-thirds or just above the elbow.

For thin

believed that skinny fit any classic dresses-cases, which can complement the attractive accessories.But the designers warn that very simply make the wrong choice for tall girls.Thin and high not recommend narrow-fitting model.The best choice for them will be a combination of dress and jacket that are visually crushed shape.And variations of texture, printed fabrics.

make attractive slim legs large cell at the bottom of the dress.You can use a thin strap.Wide belts only violate the harmony of the silhouette in the form of a slender girl.

Gently emphasize small chest will allow lighter shade dresses.It seems that the whole range of bed-office business style designed specifically for slim, since it makes the figure more attractive.If your organization has adopted lax office style, choose a dress-shirt with pockets on the chest.

dress code varies from organization to organization depending on the type of activity.But look "in working" or elegant - quite different concepts.Whatever may have been strict requirements for clothing of employees in your company, with the help of the office of the dress you will be able to create stylish, spectacular and at the same time accurate images.This will help you a broad palette of colors, combined with tailor-made jackets, and accessories.A familiar with the models and buy a dress online store you can without leaving the house.