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  • 1 massage Dangers for breast augmentation
  • 2 Water massage breast
  • 3 correction breast massage
  • 4 Vacuum massage breast
  • 5 Japanese massagegrowth of breast Shiatsu

main benefit of massage is to improve blood circulation massaged area.Therefore, it is often recommended for skin problems and as a "helper" in the fight against excess weight.

Breast Massage allows for enhanced blood flow to the glands, promotes capillary network of vessels, taking care of the skin tone.The result of proper massage becomes a beautiful, well-groomed, tightened his chest.

But one should not expect miracles from this procedure.Increased breast massage home using only possible by a few millimeters.And it is desirable to combine the technique of breast augmentation with exercise.The main value of massage is bust that acquires elasticity and density.A breast skin loses defects such as sagging and stretch marks.

massage Dangers for breast augmentation

Massage can bring both benefit

and harm.The main danger of mechanical manipulation lurk in:

  • injury of the skin and breast. Excessive efforts lead to the emergence of micro traumas in the chest and stretch marks on the skin.Follow the massage with little effort;
  • opportunities for the development of neoplastic processes. Before daily massage, be sure to visit the gynecologist and mammalogy.If the breasts have at least the minimum benign tumor, it starts to grow.The same goes for cystic fibrosis and formations.

Water massage breast

  1. Adjust the water in the shower to a comfortable temperature.It must seem to you a little cool.
  2. power showers make a circular motion on one breast, then the second.Avoid nipple area.
  3. carry out the procedure for 2-3 minutes for each breast.
  4. Arrange douche: slightly increase the temperature to warm well, lower back, lower back and increase.Contrast period should reach 5-10 seconds.Finish douche cool water.


  • Effectiveness of the procedure is independent of the runtime.Take a massage even in the morning, even in the evening.
  • For the procedure, you will need only a shower, the water and the desire to do better breasts.
  • time Min.Treatment takes about 5 minutes.


  • too strong jet of water can injure the delicate skin of the breast.
  • If you like it hot vodichku have to say goodbye to the habit.Hot water weakens the connective tissue and stimulates sagging breasts.

correction breast massage

  1. Put on chest fat cream or a special cosmetic product (if there is a stretch).
  2. perform a circular motion in a clockwise direction with the index, middle and ring fingers for 2 minutes.Avoid the nipples.
  3. Follow strokes from the bottom up (from the nipple to the shoulders and collarbone) for 2 minutes.
  4. fingertips follow the "sawing" motion, moving from the nipple to the outer part of the breast.Lead time - 2 minutes.
  5. Grasp one breast with his hand.Lightly pat her fingertips of the other hand.Repeat with second breast.
  6. Perform light stroking motion with your fingertips from the nipple to the outer part of the breast.


  • Application allows fat cream to soften the skin of the breast.A special cosmetics rid of stretch marks.
  • Perform massage can increase the bust itself, without resorting to a beauty salon.


  • intense effect on the skin can cause bruising and stretch marks.
  • After the massage, be sure to remove the remnants of a massage oil or cream to prevent the appearance of stains on clothes.

Vacuum massage breast

  1. Apply to chest moisturizer.
  2. Place the breasts into a vacuum pad, use the pump to create a vacuum.
  3. Follow the procedure in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations (usually 10-15 minutes for each breast).


  • Achieving instant effect.Usually, the breast increases after 1 session by a powerful rush of blood.
  • Increased breast sensitivity by increasing the "reply" nerve endings.


  • Vacuum massage allows you to learn not only how to quickly increase breast.But how quickly lose the effect.Maintain the resulting size can only daily procedures.
  • Instant breast enlargement on 1 or 2 size can cause the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

Japanese massage for the growth of breast Shiatsu

  1. Determine the location of points on the body.The first 8 located on the neck along the thyroid (4 on each side).One point is located on the back of the neck, where the hair begins to grow.6 more points located directly over the blades: 3 on each side.And the last two are located on the shoulders - just above the collarbone.
  2. thumb apply pressure to the point in the neck, neck, shoulders, shoulder blades.pressing time is 5-7 seconds.At every point you need to work three times after a 20-second break.


  • ancient Japanese technique, which is actively used by Eastern women.


  • To perform the procedure necessarily need help a friend or loved one.
  • effect provides pressure on specific points.Any retreat makes the technique ineffective.
Recommended simulator for breast augmentation, with which you can achieve impressive results, doing 15 minutes a day.Operating principle, see our video.
  • simulator works on the pectoral muscles, due to which there is the creation of perfectly taut breasts.
  • main difference from analogues - the device enables the load on all the groups of pectoral muscles.
  • trainer is easy to use: you only need to take up arms and make him squeezing motion to the center and back.

Now you know how to enlarge breasts with the help of massage.Proper implementation of procedures to bring you not only the benefits but also the pleasure.A chest will be well-groomed, toned and more attractive!