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  • 1 Exercises for breast enlargement - 5 important nuances
  • 2 As at home to increase a breast
    • 2.1 Exercise "The Wall»
    • 2.2 Exercise "Prayer"
    • 2.3 Exercise "Spin standing»
    • 2.4 Exercise «Skier»
    • 2.5 Exercise «Spin»
    • 2.6 Exercise "Snatch»
    • 2.7 Exercise "Equal angle»
    • 2.8 Exercise "Stretching»
  • 3 simulator for breast augmentation volume
  • 4 How to enlarge breasts through training in the gym
    • 4.1 Exercise "rod»
    • 4.2 Exercise "Loads»
    • 4.3 Exercise "Dougie»

main thing - the right complex!It is the choice of 50% of your success.But before you start classes, make sure that you are ready for them.And you know how to behave during and between workouts.

Exercises for breast enlargement - 5 important nuances

  • Each set of exercises for breast enlargement is not designed for the growth of the mammary glands themselves.The volume of muscle in them is very small, and it is only the upper part of the bust. The aim of the exercises is the impac
    t of the large pectoral muscle
    directly under the breasts.This strong muscles attached Cooper's ligaments, which are responsible for the tone of the breast, its elasticity and smartness.Classes form a bust relief, increase the chest muscle.As a result of complex influence breast gets a few extra centimeters in volume.
  • breast enlargement without surgery will require you considerable effort .Pectoralis major muscle and other tissues in the "area" immune to the effects of the weak.And begin to meet the growth of only a serious load.To understand how to increase the bust with exercise, look at the training of professional athletes.You will need as much perseverance and desire.
  • training frequency should be 3 times a week., you need not!The fact that the muscles do not grow in the classroom and during rest - the next day after a workout.
  • Breast Augmentation in home will not be without pain in muscles .After exercising muscles must hurt a bit.This indicates that you have done everything correctly.
  • Before workouts, especially if you plan to study at home, buy 2 dumbbells weighing 7-10 kilograms .They are much more convenient volumes of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, which often offer used as improvised.

As at home to increase a breast

Exercise "The Wall»

  1. Stand in the doorway, with his back to a single rack.Hands rest against the opposite stance.
  2. Crush hands on the counter, as if you want to move the wall.Follow for 1 minute.
  3. Lean forward and push back the hands on the counter for 1 minute.
  4. Relax.Repeat 3 times.

Exercise "Prayer»

  1. Sitting or standing, keep your back to the wall.Palms connect front of the chest.
  2. Press firmly with his hands on top of each other.Hold for 10 seconds.
  3. Slightly move the serried palm away.Again, that there are forces squeeze the palm of your hand.Hold for 10 seconds.
  4. Relax.Repeat 3 times.

Exercise "Spin standing»

  1. Stand facing the wall, rest it in both hands at chest level.
  2. With great effort palms rest against the wall.The back of this should remain straight.
  3. Follow for 2 minutes.
  4. Relax.Repeat 3 times.

Exercise «Skier»

  1. Take dumbbells, stand with your back straight.
  2. repetitive movements, imitating the skier running: slightly bent at the elbows move back and forth.Repeat for 1 minute.
  3. Slowly lift your arms straight up to the chest, hold, lower.Perform 6 times.
  4. Repeat the exercise cycle 3 times.

Exercise «Spin»

  1. Lie on the floor, place your hands and toes.For the first time, you can put your feet up on the sofa.
  2. slowly raised and lowered on the hands.
  3. Gradually increase the number of push-ups from 2 to 20.

Exercise "Snatch»

  1. Lie on the floor, on his back.Take a dumbbell, place your hands on the breast.
  2. sharply raise and lower the arms with dumbbells, as if doing a jerk.Repeat 8 times.
  3. Perform the exercise cycle 3 times.

Exercise "Equal angle»

  1. Take dumbbells, sit on a chair, straighten your back.Press your elbows close to your sides, arms out to the sides.
  2. Very tear elbows on the sides and lift upwards at an angle of 90 degrees to the body.Lower.Repeat 12 times.
  3. Perform the exercise cycle 3 times.

Exercise "Stretching»

  1. Bend your knees, sit on the floor.Lean to the floor, rest in his forehead, hands pull ahead.
  2. Pull your hands as far as possible.Hold for 10 seconds.Relax.
  3. Repeat 3 times.

simulator for breast augmentation volume

If you do not hunt to understand the exercises on different groups of the pectoral muscles, you can use the simulator.For example, Easy Curves - a new simulator for breast, with which you can not only increase the chest, but also to change its form - to avoid sagging and make tighter.
  • principle of operation of the simulator is the impact on the pectoral muscles, due to which there is the creation of perfectly taut breasts.
  • main difference from analogues - the device enables the load on all the groups of pectoral muscles.
  • trainer is easy to use: you only need to take up arms and make him squeezing motion to the center and back.

How to enlarge breasts through training in the gym

If you do not know how to increase the bust in the home, refer to the coach in the gym.It is likely to recommend you to simulators "pullover" and "Butterfly".Be prepared that you have to work with more weight.Ideally, it should be 80% of that which you are able to raise.But you should start with small, gradually increasing the load.

Exercise "Rod»

  1. Lie on the bench, bend your knees.Hands are on weight.
  2. Take the rod: the girth of the palm to look at the back of you.
  3. Raise the bar to the outstretched arms, to lower the level of the chest.
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise "Loads»

  1. Sit on a simulator with two weights.Each hand grab the rope with a handle.
  2. Bend your elbows and wrists to mix up the contact.
  3. Dissolve hands in the parties.
  4. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise "Dougie»

  1. Take dumbbells, lie down on the bench.Put your hands at your sides back of the hand up.
  2. Raise arms slightly bent (like arcs), get them behind his head, return to starting position.
  3. Repeat 10 times.

Each set of exercises will be effective if the practice regularly.Perhaps for the first time that something will not work.But working on yourself, you will understand what the load gives the best result.We hope that you now have no more questions, how to increase breast with exercise.Successful you workouts and large breasts!