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  • 1 Hormones
  • 2 for breast enlargement Products
  • 3 How to increase breast massage with
  • 4 Exercises for breast enlargement
  • 5 Visualbreast augmentation

If you are not happy with the size of the bust, the main thing - do not give up.You'll have to work on them, but the result will surprise both you and your man.Of course, there is a way to solve the problem quickly, just "good."But for breast plastic surgery, we have heard, as well as the complications and problems that cause an artificial bust.Fortunately, surgical breast augmentation is expensive.And it can afford not every girl.It is more reasonable to use in other ways.


How to increase the bust in the home with the help of hormones, you can tell a doctor.Assigning any hormones itself inadmissible.Incorrect doses of hormones lead to extremely undesirable consequences from violations of the cycle to the development of tumors.

Talk to your gynecologist, how to increase breast without surgery.The d

octor will conduct a bit of research and determine what drug and what dosage you can help.The peculiarity of this method is that the specialist determines no additional volume of a single hormone, which you lack.A possibility for a proper balance of hormones as many as four, are responsible for the size of the female bust.

  • Estrogen. main hormone that makes a woman a woman.He begins to be produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands in girls during puberty.And not only activates the breast growth, but also a harmonious development of the ladies' figure: rounded hips, thin waist.Lack of estrogen expressed masculine figure of the woman and the almost complete lack of mammary glands.But the overabundance of the hormone is not less harmful.It causes obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system, and breast growth stops completely.
  • xenoestrogens. breast enlargement without surgery would be more effective if the correct amount of this hormone.He is a product of civilization, and formed in the body under the influence of polluted environment, household chemicals, cosmetics.Xenoestrogens blocks estrogen job, negatively affecting the whole endocrine system of women.
  • Prolactin. If you become pregnant, then the amount of prolactin in your body grow naturally.And the chest will grow by 1.5-2 times.If you are not ready for such drastic measures, you will help the selection of the correct dosage of this hormone.
  • Testosterone. This is a male hormone, which is in the body of every woman.The increase in its volume causes masculine characteristics: voice coarsens, there are hair on the face and thighs, changing the figure.Testosterone Growth is not always associated with taking hormones (eg, birth control pills).It is proved that the consumption of sugar and sugary foods have a direct impact on the production of testosterone in a woman's body.So before you figure out how in the home increase the chest, take a look at your diet.

for breast enlargement Products

main rule beautiful breasts - no diets!Any weight loss begins with breast adipose tissue from leaves.There are also a number of products that can help you.

  • Milk and dairy products, seafood, chicken - valuable sources of protein.
  • Hop cones - a natural source of estrogen.They need to make and receive as an infusion for 7 days.Repeat the course recommended only once a month.
  • Cereals and grains: oats, brown rice, millet, barley. They can be used in the form of cereals and infusions, recommended for breast augmentation folk remedies.
  • Foods containing monounsaturated fats: linseed, sesame, avocado, olives, oily fish. These fats are not deposited at the waist and are a source of valuable omega-3, 6 and 12, necessary for female beauty.

How to increase breast massage with

Let daily breast massage will be for you useful and enjoyable habit.Perform it can be in the shower, massaging the breasts in a circle of warm water.A possible and after bath treatment using fat cream.

Carefully spread cream on the chest in a circular motion and gently stroking the chest in the direction from the nipple to the shoulders and armpits.Do not press or rub hard, so as not to injure the mammary glands.Follow the massage movements for 3-5 minutes for each breast.

Exercises for breast enlargement

Physical activity is important for your breasts.And the right set of activities will help catch breast ligaments, pectoral muscles acquire pronounced relief.And in general, the bust could rise by 2-3 cm. Do not worry that the excessive load on you will become similar to the "pitching".Do something similar with the pectoral muscles is impossible: they are extremely difficult to strengthen.

Perform at least two of the most effective exercises every other day.

  • Pushups - from 2 to 20 times. need to do push-ups with a flat back, on his toes, pulling his chin to the floor;
  • Squeezing palms. Connect palm in front of him, as if praying.Elbows to lift the chest.With a maximum power of push hands on each other.Survive as long as possible.Repeat 5 times.
And for a more thorough study of the chest muscles suggested to use a special simulator, for example, Easy Curves.With it, you can not only increase the breast, but also to avoid sagging and make it more elastic.With the principle of work you can find in our video.
  • simulator works on the pectoral muscles, due to which there is the creation of perfectly taut breasts.
  • main difference from analogues - the device enables the load on all the groups of pectoral muscles.
  • trainer is easy to use: you only need to take up arms and make him squeezing motion to the center and back.

Visual breast augmentation

This method "for the lazy" for many years helps young ladies who are dissatisfied with the size of the breast.You do not know how to increase the bust of the house quickly, or simply are not able to work on yourself and choose the right underwear and clothing.

  • Bra. your option - push-up bra with bulk inserts in the cups.He is able to give at least one dimension of the smallest breasts.The special shape of the laundry lifts the bust and chest moves.One disadvantage of push-ups - they can not be worn often.Experts recommend wearing this bra cut to two times a month.But I think that once a week to a party or a date to be just right.
  • shirts and jackets. Choose clothes with a V-neck or polo.If the shirt is sewn from a stretch fabric, it should sit tight and the cutout can be quite profound.For clothing made of wool and cotton let loose cut.
  • Blouses. and Ruched frill - a great opportunity to hide small bust.Blouses with decor can be easily combined with a business office suit with trousers and skirts.Color blouses can be a classic white or striped.It is advisable to choose a monochromatic versions or with minimal color contrast.
  • dresses. For a party or a cocktail dress would be the perfect solution in the Empire style.This has a high waist, neck opening, seductive highlights the décolleté.If the line of the chest to emphasize a wide belt, your bust will look simply luxurious.
  • Sweaters. Comfortable and soft cashmere sweaters perfect for walks in the park or an informal meeting with friends.They are free cutting gently hugs the figure, it is clearly indicating even modest form.As a result, the breast seems to be larger.Color sweaters should be light, pastel.
  • vests. you want to look at 100%?Wear a push-up bra and top denim or leather jacket!This stunning variant of clothes will make you the queen of any party.In everyday life and in the office vests will also be most welcome.Wear them with blouses, shirts, skirts and trousers, shorts and trousers, capris.

As you can see, to increase breast at home - it is simple and quite feasible.Total five ways which are easy to perform.Only 5 steps to bust your dreams!