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  • 1 Curative effects of thermal baths
  • 2 Features home paraffin
  • 3 How often should I do paraffin baths
  • 4 Video: paraffin hand

The secret is simple paraffin.Wax has a property to melt when heated and retain heat for a long time.Upon contact with the body it transfers heat to it.A thermal bath, in turn, has a positive effect on metabolic processes.

Curative effects of thermal baths

So, paraffin for hands and feet improves blood circulation, stimulates the vascular tone, nourishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients due to a rush of blood.After a session with paraffin handles are smooth and tender, the skin soft and silky heels.

There is also a trend in cosmetics, as a paraffin facial.At home, it can help to reduce the severity of acne, combining a therapeutic effect of masks for acne.In adulthood sessions with warm wax will help to eliminate puffiness, rejuvenate skin, smooth wrinkles grid.If the skin has scars and scars, they will become less noticeable.

healing power of heat is widely used in medicine.Since paraffin in the home for children helps to fight diseases of the joints (for example, common dysplasia), complications of SARS transferred in the form of bronchitis and tracheitis.Assign Paraffin kids with neurological disorders, since the procedure has a strong sedative effect.

Features home paraffin

Paraffin hand excludes the use of old wax candles, preserved since Soviet times.For this purpose, special cosmetic composition suitable.Where to buy paraffin for paraffin therapy, you ask?Usually it is represented in the range of pharmacies, as well as shops specializing in the sale of manicure.

in a beauty salon for the procedure, a special electric bath for paraffin.It evenly heats the wax to 55 ° C and an attractive appearance.In domestic practice, you can do without it.Similarly, the water bath works: before the procedure put on the fire a pot with water and set it on a large enamel bowl.Let's get started.

  1. in a bowl in a water bath Put cosmetic wax (it will take at least 2 kg).Wait until the wax becomes liquid.
  2. Apply skin protective cream, which will prevent the likelihood of burns.
  3. Dip pen in a bowl of warm paraffin, hold a few seconds and raise them.Cooling down, the composition forms a transparent palms "gloves".
  4. Repeat dipping at least 4 times - let your "gloves" will be thicker.
  5. Put on dried up pens plastic gloves, and on top - terry or wool.Keep them warm, to maximize the effect of paraffin, reviews indicate that after 25-30 minutes to shoot "mittens."The film of paraffin can be easily separated from the skin.
  6. Apply warm palms of any nutritious cream.And you can enjoy the soft and velvety skin!

If you are paraffin for the feet or face, instead of dipping into the bowl with the composition using a brush. When the wax melts, quickly spread a warm substance problem areas.After drying, do it again.On the legs need to wear bags and socks.A face - to put plastic wrap, cover it with a towel and relax on the couch.

paraffin to rest at home was as pleasant as possible, add a part in melting a few drops of aromatic oil.This may be a citrus or pine oil, what you like!Then the procedure to become a real relaxation, will help you how to relax and not only benefits, but also fun!

How often should I do paraffin baths

restrictions periodicity of paraffin in the home does not exist.Procedure so good, that does not attack the skin, but on the contrary, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes it.Therefore, in winter at high dryness and sensitivity of the hands can use paraffin baths 2-3 times a week, as needed.Although, in practice, it is sufficient, and 1 times a week to maintain the skin in perfect condition.

It is important to bear in mind that the paraffin has a number of contraindications.Do not spend it if:

  • damaged skin: it has wounds, scratches, cuts;
  • present purulent inflammation;
  • have pronounced allergic reactions.

In addition, do not use aromatic oils, if you are not sure of their allergic sustainability.For the first acquaintance with the action of essential oils paraffin - not the best time.

In doing paraffin baths there is nothing difficult.And the result of them is visible immediately!This is a great way to quickly bring the handle in order on the eve of an important meeting or event.And to maintain healthy skin during winter.

Video: paraffin hand