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  • 1 How to properly apply makeup at home
  • 2 Classical technique applying makeup in Chicago-style 30s
  • 3 modern makeover in Chicago-style 30s
  • 4 Makeup Chicago style 30s: video

Remember, looked like the famous American actress of the last century?And what in modern films portray the stars of the Chicago theater?Long dress, a deep cut on his back, velvet gloves to the elbow ... The ideal image of a woman was created with the utmost care, because at that time the canons of female beauty have been significantly revised in society.Ladies paid much attention to her hair (much more than each of us today).In a fashion haircuts were to the shoulders, neat stacking of large curls and rich hair color.And yet - the most precise eye and lip lines that complement an incredibly effective way.

Today makeup in the style of Chicago 30s again in the trend.Among other trends, for example, make "Smokey Eyes", it remains one of the favorite among modern fashionistas.Each of us can feel

the queen of the party and conquer one man only only look.

How to properly apply makeup at home

for applying makeup to the Chicago style, you'll need:

  • foundation - at least one tone lighter than your skin tone;
  • shade of dark colors - black, dark gray, asphalt;
  • shade light shades - pale purple, pearl;
  • black cosmetic pencil;
  • applicator for applying shadows and shading;
  • rich black mascara.

Considerable attention in this make-up on three components: expressive eyes, bright lips and pale skin perfectly clean.Therefore, to create an image of the Chicago diva in advance take care of the clean skin.

To get rid of blackheads for a few days before the party, visit the beauty salon and go cleaning procedure.At home, you can use the scrub of one teaspoon of sea salt and two teaspoons of sour cream or composition of finely ground coffee with yogurt mixed in the same proportion.

Note eyebrows.They should be thin and neat.Their color should match the tone of the hair.Adjust their cosmetic pencil and secure form using the gel for eyebrows.

Classical technique applying makeup in the style of Chicago 30s

a classic Chicago makeup.Later we will tell you about the more modern versions.

  1. The entire length of the upper movable century, draw a horizontal line of a black pencil.On the outer part of the century, do the horizontal strokes - 4-5 thin lines.
  2. on all upper eyelid, apply a shadow of intense dark color.Use the most saturated color - dark gray or asphalt.
  3. Gently and thoroughly blend the pencil and shadow.pencil-drawn line should not be visible, and the place of their application should remain at times darker than the rest of the century.
  4. Near the bridge, follow a broad line of black shadows.Thanks to her make-up will be a little edgy.
  5. on rolling mid-century, apply a little light purple shadows over the dark.So you slightly lighten this area and will attach view grace.
  6. black eyeliner draw a clear arrow along the line of growth of eyelashes of the lower eyelid.
  7. Carefully paint the eyelashes of the upper and lower eyelids, giving more attention to the cilia on the outer corner of the eye.You can glue the false eyelashes, elongated to the outer corners.
  8. nakraste lips bright scarlet lipstick.
  9. Put neat mole-fly near the lower eyelid or lip above.

modern makeover in the style of Chicago 30s

second, modernized version of the Chicago style of makeup is applied with purple shadows palette.

  1. On the upper eyelid moving, apply a dark shade of purple.
  2. dark layer on top, apply a lighter shade of the same color of shadows.
  3. Draw a clear arrow on the lower eyelid with black pencil.
  4. to create a clear and angular shape of the upper eyelid glue on the corners of the eye pieces of adhesive tape.So you can make a sharp distinction shadow layers.Apply above the main purple tones of shadows on a layer of 2-3 shades lighter.Keep the line up to the eyebrows.Remove the adhesive tape.
  5. Good paint the lashes.Make ready!

As you can see, to be a fatal beauty need quite a bit of effort!Complete your image glamorous dress with a deep cut on the back and pay enough attention to the hairstyle.And rest assured, stylish image Chicago diva will bring you popularity in the party!

Makeup Chicago style 30s: video