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  • 1 technique make "Smokey Eyes»
  • 2 Makeup "Smokey Eyes" steps - attention to the eyes!
  • 3 Makeup "Smokey Eyes" step by step for different eye colors
    • 3.1 Makeup "Smokey Eyes" for the gray and blue eyes
    • 3.2 Makeup "Smokey Eyes" for brown eyes
    • 3.3 Makeup "Smokey eyes "for green eyes
  • 4 Makeup" Smokey eyes "step by step: video

Makeup Smoky eyes was born among Hollywood stars and professional photo models.Its deep and rich colors make it possible to display the depth of view, even with the remotest contact with the audience - with pictures or TV screen.Gradually, he settled down and in the popular media.Today, the available performance of this makeup technique allows each of us to buy the most mysterious "smoky" look with which to conquer the stars.

make-up "Smokey Eyes" correctly impossible, if only to pay attention to the eyes.That's what Hollywood's favorite make-up to hide all defects properly, and put on public display only dignity.In the classic sen

se Smoky eyes - this is the perfect skin tone, clear and neat brows, and, of course, the eyes - defiantly smoky and spectacular.

Makeup Technique "Smokey Eyes»

A great advantage of makeup "Smokey Eyes" that he, like make-up in the Chicago style of 30-ies, applied quickly enough.To create it, you will need:

  • concealer and translucent powder,
  • pencil eyeliner (for its color will be discussed later),
  • shadow of three colors: dark, medium and light,
  • brush shadows,
  • liner or eyebrow correction gel,
  • sponge or cotton swabs.

Begin to make the preparation of the skin.

  1. Apply on skin foundation with a light texture, if your face no significant defects (acne, pimples, etc.).And the tone cream with a dense texture, if some areas of skin in need of correction.
  2. Top Apply powder with a light texture.Ideally, you get an even skin tone without flaws.
  3. Apply foundation on the skin of the lips, evenly.
  4. Prepare the skin around the eyes: Apply a light foundation or powder.If you have bags under your eyes, use the tonal foundation shade lighter.So you will not let the shadows hide in the folds of the skin.
  5. Adjust the shape of eyebrows using a pencil.Or lock them bend clear gel for eyebrows.

When the preparatory work carried out, proceed to the make-up of eyes.

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" steps - attention to the eyes!

  1. Apply on upper eyelids shade lighter shade with a touch of radiance.The perfect tone is creamy with a hint of champagne.
  2. Pencil Draw a line along the lash on the upper eyelid.Its thickness must be increased from the inner corner to the outer.
  3. Spend a thin line on the lower eyelid.
  4. Blend eyeliner brush or cotton swab to its path was not clear.
  5. Apply shadows: the darkest shade on the mobile eyelid, a lighter tone - a little higher, and the lightest tone - under the brow.Carefully shade all layers to their borders were not sharp.Shadow Line pull out to the temples.can distinguish shades of pearl-colored inner eye area.
  6. nakraste eyelashes mascara with the effect of eyelash extensions.

When the eye make-up is finished, nakraste lipstick neutral shades.Do not use the red and red tones, as in this make-up the main emphasis should be on the eyes.The presence on the face of another bright spot will make your appearance vulgar.

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" step by step for different eye colors

important advantage of makeup "Smokey Eyes" is that you can use the shadow and pencil in various colors for its application.It is not necessary to use dark colors.Choose the color of makeup depending on your natural eye colors.

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" for the gray and blue eyes

bright-eyed ladies it is important not to overload the face of dark tones.To do this, use a shade of bright colors: gold, silver, lilac.Imposes a minimum of shadows and carefully shade them.For eyeliner, do not use a black pencil, more appropriate would be dark gray.

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" for brown eyes

brown eyes and fair skin require the use of make-up in purple, blue, lilac shades.Swarthy skin allows the use of brown and olive colors.

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" for green

eyes with this eye color, you can experiment with different shades of gold, violet, copper, brown, chocolate.Or use the unique combination of dark green, brown and gold tones.

Use universal technique applying makeup "Smokey Eyes" for daytime and for evening make-apa.And fascinates men depth and mystery to your "smoky" eye!

Makeup "Smokey Eyes" step by step: video