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  • 1 General Rules eastern makeup
  • 2 Japanese makeup: restraint and aristocratic
  • 3 Indian makeup: bright colors and golden skin
  • 4 Arabic Makeup: Talewith their hands

General rules eastern makeup

Arts oriental makeup can not be considered only within a single technology.Japanese, Indian and Arab women are equally attractive, but their beauty is manifested in different ways.Makeup Ideas for green eyes have a common basis: you need a black pencil, pearlescent shade and some bright colors that will blend with your eyes, and the type of clothing items.

  • Before you start with the eyes should be applied to the skin tone foundation.It should be lighter than the natural color of the skin a few shades to emphasize the expressiveness of the "mirror of the soul", or darker to recreate the "dark" of the Arab beauty.
  • sure plucked eyebrows and give them a clear perfect form.
  • In addition beautician bright colors should be present shade of white and natural colors - beige a
    nd brown.
  • Also stock up thick black mascara curling eyelashes to give the latter particularly expressive appearance.

makeup in oriental style is divided into three main types - Japanese, Indian, and Arabic versions, and we elaborate on each of them.

Japanese makeup: restraint and aristocratic

Japanese girls differ restraint compared to other oriental beauties.The main emphasis, releasing their appearance - the contrast of black hair and porcelain skin, which is considered a sign of aristocratic origin.In a sense, this is a special, sacred tandem.It is necessary to achieve a smooth complexion and hair should gently shade the eyes and lips: if you are the owner of unruly curls, bangs at least should be flat.We're talking about all the intricacies, because not enough just to make up for a perfect eye make-up, because the image of the sum of the individual parts.

  • Delicate porcelain skin tone face powder after applying gain and tonal framework, which should be slightly lighter than your natural skin color.
  • Japanese girls prefer to carefully pluck eyebrows, giving them the shape of two thin slips.
  • As a rule, in relation to the shadows and kept a very low-key policies: either they are not used at all, or preference for light and natural shades.
  • main direction of the Japanese makeup - thick black arrows, which are applied on both the upper and the lower eyelid.Oriental makeup for green eyes in the Japanese style does not emphasize the inner corner and impressively continues the line of the upper eyelid.
  • Nuance: lips should shade your eyes gently - stop for gentle shades of pink.

Indian makeup: bright colors and golden skin

Evening make-up for green eyes in the Indian style is very different from the Japanese version.Firstly, you do not need to bleach the skin: on the contrary, a person must buy the "golden" color, which is inherent in Indian.To do this, use bronzer and emphasize the cheekbones more saturated shade of blush.If you are not among the owners of dark skin on the rest of the exposed areas, apply self-tanning.One of the most common mistakes made by European women - excessive vulgarity in Indian makeup.Oriental beauty really used bright colors, but they constitute the whole composition and not look like a mask.

Probably the most popular girl in India - Aishwarya Rai.Its attractive beauty admired by people around the world, and we are also not ignored the image of the actress, and will focus on its image.

  • to start, operate above the eyebrows and give them the shape of a curved crescent.Check, based on an even layer on your face and smoothly into your natural skin tone.
  • festive makeup for green eyes in the Indian style can, and even should include bright colors, while the girls with a colder eye color is better to restrict the natural palette.Stay purple, lilac, yellow and pink colors.
  • Makeup in any case should not "go up to the eyebrows": Staged photo Indian models are very different from reality.
  • Once you are dealt a layer of shadows, draw a thin and clear line from the upper corner of the eye black pencil.
  • Nuance: Indian girls do not use thick eyeliner, but you can make up her lips as a bright and more subdued.

Arabic makeup: a tale with their own hands

Arab Eye Makeup Art is available to every girl.He, like make-up, "Smokey Eyes" is rapidly coming into fashion and is often used even as an everyday option.His palette is dominated by natural and golden colors that occasionally interspersed with intense colors.In addition, Arabic makeup is suitable for any type of appearance, hair color and skin tone.

  • First of all, tonal foundation and powder should repeat the coffee shade Arab girls.
  • The main elements include makeup dark, well-defined eyebrows, which are underlined with white pearl shades.
  • With shadows and corrected form of the eyes, which must have an elongated shape.To do this, apply the basic shade of the extreme part of the century and blend it closer to the line of growth of eyebrows, to lay down a layer as naturally as possible.
  • Pay special attention to your lashes.They have to be long and thick, extend to the outer corner of the eye.If nature has not endowed you lashes incredible length, will take advantage of patch elements - they will be more than appropriate in the Arab makeup.
  • Nuance: Arab girls do not like bright colors of lipstick, so it's best to stay in natural shades and pastel colors.

If you have mastered the process of applying and try to plunge into the world of sensual oriental make-up for the green-eyed beauties, the result will be spectacular and attractive.Oriental technique will allow every girl to feel a little artist who recreates the precise strokes of the individual image!