Article Contents

  • 1 makeup elements and necessary cosmetics
  • 2 skin tone, plot the foundation
  • 3 choose and apply blush
  • 4 Summing eyebrows
  • 5 Apply shadow and paint the eyelashes
  • 6 Apply lipstick

makeup elements and necessary cosmetics

Nowadays this makeup as popular, and most conveniently use it succeeded so well-known personalities like Christina Aguilera, Diet ph Teeseand Katy Perry.So, make-up in the style of "pin-up" is based of three important elements:

  1. perfect tone facial skin,
  2. bright lipstick
  3. exact trim line eyeliner.

All that we need to apply trendy makeup, is represented in the list below:

  • concealer to eliminate facial irregularities;
  • foundation cream with a dense texture light color to create an effect of pale skin;
  • eyeliner black;
  • eyeliner, preferably resistant;
  • waterproof mascara;
  • lip liner;
  • lipstick bright shades;
  • blush;
  • eyeshadow pastel shades.

skin tone, plot the foundation

It should take into account the fact that the complexio

n is usually done as much as possible light.Traditional makeup «Pin-up» means natural shades Tonalka.And all because the whiter the skin tone, the more pronounced and more expressive look up eyes and painted lips.

Before the skin will cause makeup base (for oily skin is better to use it) and the foundation, you must properly prepare the face for makeup.This may very well help to scrub or scrub-roll from overcoat.Remember, most importantly - this is the perfect smooth skin a healthy color.

After cleansing the skin is hydration.If you - the owner of the face oily skin, matting base should be used on a mandatory basis.

Proper application of foundation always carried a lightly pat.To visually face became sculptural relief, and an oval face, respectively, much more beautiful, it is necessary to make the T-zone more highlights.This is done by mixing the powder with a transparent shimmering particles (it should be on the floor tones lighter than your complexion) and rubbing of the mix on the cheeks, collections, nose and forehead.

And in order to remove dark circles from lack of sleep or stress under the eyes and fine wrinkles, handy concealer, which must be carefully spread on the area of ​​the lower and upper eyelid.

choose and apply blush

Try to choose the most natural blush - soft, pastel colors, such as peach, pink or brick.When applying them, in any case do not need to visually pull the cheekbones.It is better to try to stand up in front of the mirror, smile and touch of a soft brush pile to the roundness of the cheeks - so you get the effect of the famous "apple".

Summing eyebrows

Makeup in the style of «Pin-up» - this is the first specific steps of applying make-up, based on the details and elements that are formed after an amazing picture.Therefore, be sure to note that the eyebrows, too, need to pay attention.The most optimal option for drawing the eyebrows is a brown and black pencils.Hold the line should be as carefully as possible to subsequently eyebrows did not look silly or ridiculous.

Apply shadow and paint the eyelashes

So for eye makeup, use the most natural palette of shades, such as white or beige tones, pink or gold - for the basics, but to highlight the crease on the upper eyelid is necessary to use a color darker.

Whatever your shadows, arrows always remain an essential element of the image of "pin-up".They are drawn in clear, expanding and taking off from the top side strokes.But if you do not own in perfection the art of applying the liner, it is best to take advantage of a classic time-tested option - pencil.To start Draw them a thin line as close to the lash line in one eye and the other.If you are satisfied with the result, gently draw eyeliner on the planned path.Eyelashes with such a make-up should be qualitatively dyed black ink.Also you can use the patch.
As you can see, the art of eye makeup includes several stages.If you want to master it, you will succeed!

Apply lipstick

lip pencil on the darker tone of lipstick to outline, being careful not to advocate for their natural line.Next, blend a little loop and start the process of completing the image.Staining lip, as a rule, stylists advise to start from the center, gradually moving to the edges.After you follow, gently blot the lips with a napkin and refresh lipstick.If it is necessary, the result obtained just a little powder the.Done!You look amazing!All men will accompany you admiring glance.

for young girls and is perfect for a flirty version of this makeup.Its essence lies in the fact that the tip of the arrow to lift up and use bright pink lipstick gum color.However, with such a provocative way it is to be careful and try to use it only on some special events.And in everyday life the classic way in the style of "pin-up" can take advantage of the brunette, combining black eyeliner and red lipstick.

Today you learned how to properly apply makeup at home, and how to achieve a truly stunning image.The most important thing - try, experiment and not be afraid of the new in your life.Look for yourself and your perfect look!