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  • 1 How to wind the hair on the hair iron
    • 1.1 The first method - a classic
    • 1.2 second way - flagellar
  • 2 How not to hurt the hair when windingon utyuzhok
  • 3 How to choose a hair iron

hair iron - is a modern device for hair styling.It can help you straighten your hair, make curls or nozzle-ribbed to give your hair extra volume.Almost all models have the heating temperature indicator and several modes.Due to overheating protection device switches off automatically.This miracle of technology specially created for your convenience, and beauty.

How to wind the hair on the hair iron

Curly using the ironing can be done in several ways, it all depends on the imagination.We will offer two of the most common and fastest option.Even a beginner will master them easily.

The first method - a classic

  1. Separate the strands and comb it.
  2. not far from the root grab utjuzhkom strand and make a complete revolution in the inner side, reeling, so lock in the hair iron.
  3. smoothly conduct utyuzhok down without stopping, otherwise the lock will polygonal shape.
  4. Near tips utyuzhok further cranking.
  5. Once released strand until it has cooled down, wrap the curl on her finger, showing the manner he should lie.
  6. first ringlet ready!So we make with all the hair.

second way - flagellar

  1. Separate the small section and comb it.
  2. Grab a lock in the location where you want to start curls.
  3. While one hand holds a strand of hair iron with the other hand the same strand that comes out of ironing, twist in the form of a flagellum.
  4. Each new round stifle (fix) Styler.
  5. spiral turns over the entire length of the strands.
  6. curled ringlets can be divided in two or three parts, depending on what you want pomp hair.
  7. Congratulations!You should now have another method of hair curling iron is on!

laying on paint can be sprayed.It will allow hair to stay still for a longer time.Use a hair clip to avoid tangling ready and stranded curls.

curls on long hair iron are obtained chic, if you use the styler with a wide coverage.

curls size depends entirely on the thickness of the strands: the thinner, the finer and playful curl.If you want to get big curls, then divide all the hair enough for three or four strands.Besides making large curls, you save time!With experience it, you will have to leave not more than five minutes.

How not to hurt the hair when winding on utyuzhok

How to wind the hair on the hair iron, and keep them healthy?The fact is that during heat treatment the hair is very vulnerable, as the flakes are lifted upper protective layer.A frequent exposure that leads to the fact that the flakes lose their elasticity and ability to return to the scene.So disturbed hair structure.However, not all so sad, there is a solution!

following a few rules in the hair wrap on the hair iron, you most keep their hair healthy.If you know how to curl hair curling, use your experience.In fact, curling - also a heating device for hair styling.And here are some magical rules which will prolong the beauty and health of your hair.

  • Hair should be well washed with shampoo with conditioner.
  • Thoroughly dry the head hairdryer.If time allows, within ten minutes walk around with a towel on his head, folded into a turban.
  • On dry hair, apply a means of protecting against thermal effects.It will also facilitate stacking and give hair shine.If your hair conditioner or styling tool has a thermal protector property, the need for a separate protective agent disappears.
  • Apply mousse, foam or gel directly to the part of the hair, which will tighten.Be sure to wait until the hair is dried up, this is not the moment where the need rush.
  • not keep long hair iron in one place, if exposed to the maximum heating temperature.You run the risk of burning hair and make them brittle and lifeless.
  • Do not abuse the use of ironing!No matter how modern or was coated plates, the frequent use of ironing even with thermal protection means eventually spoils the hair.

How to choose a hair iron

Selection of ironing depends on how often to use it and how - to straighten hair or make curls using the ironing?If you are only going to straighten unruly hair, the perfect instrument with a wide plate.

And if we wind the hair, it is best to take a narrow styler.The correct choice depends on the amount of time that you spend on hair, the quality, the health of hair, as well as your mood.After all, with a good technique to work a pleasure!

market consumer and professional rectifier offers a huge selection of irons to suit all tastes, with a wide price range and a variety of technical indicators.Among the characteristics of the cover plates is the most important.

  • metallic coating. These irons entice low price, but the price - it is their only advantage.The metal coating due to its uneven heat conduction ruthlessly spoil the hair by burning them.Do not get fooled by attractive price tag, and then spend more money on hair restoration.These irons are not suitable for frequent use.We do not recommend to buy them.
  • ceramic coating. Pottery evenly and consistently conducts heat.Hair iron with such a coating will slide easily through his hair, smoothing them exactly.The negative impact of heat is reduced to a minimum.The only negative -vypryamitel with ceramic coating is heated slowly.It is an ideal value for money, if you have nowhere to hurry.
  • Teflon coating. It has properties similar to ceramics.Hair iron with Teflon coating cares for curls.Also to prevent sticking of the plate different cosmetics.Ideal for soft hair.
  • Ceramic-tourmaline coating. In common parlance is referred to simply cover irons tourmaline.It heats up quickly.The device smoothes the hair scales, giving the hair extra shine not only, but also provide protection from exposure to external factors.A big plus irons with tourmaline coating - the ability to remove the static electricity, which in the winter is important.
  • Ion-ceramic coating. differs from conventional ceramic coating by the charged ions deposited on the surface of the plates.They have a beneficial effect on the hair structure, restores and revitalizes them during installation.
  • Marble-ceramic coating. It allows to maximally protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat.Ceramic plate straighten hair perfectly, and marble - immediately cools them by absorbing the residual heat.

Choosing the right hair iron, using precautions, you get beautiful curls with a minimum of time and effort.

irons with tourmaline, lithium-ceramic and marble and ceramic floors are considered the best.Only such devices are used by professionals.They carefully straightened hair care not only for their beauty, but also health!

Do not be discouraged if you laying utjuzhkom took away a lot of time or you have not achieved the desired effect - the first time it's rarely possible.Everything comes with experience, skill and a bit of patience and you will succeed!

If you are still in doubt as to wind the hair on the hair iron, these videos will do you good!