Article Contents

  • 1 tools to create attractive curls
    • 1.1 Curling
    • 1.2 hair iron
    • 1.3 Curler
  • 2 4 ways to make stylish curls
    • 2.1 Natural "wave»
    • 2.2 vertical curls average intensity
    • 2.3 Elastic Hollywood curls
    • 2.4 Large waves
  • 3 And how long is your hair?
    • 3.1 Curly short hair
    • 3.2 Curly hair on average
    • 3.3 Curly long hair

Thick, wavy hair is admired not only with the opposite sex.Many of us are willing to pay well, if not all, then a lot to find such a lovely, neat and attractive curls.But the hair often "do not listen", and arranged with such difficulty, simply straighten a few hours.But do not think that to cope with the problem of how to make a beautiful curls, can only be in the cabin.There are several ways to create the perfect hairstyle at home.And that means you will be familiar.

tools to create attractive curls

To understand how to make curly hair at home is likely to be necessary to try several tools and choose suitable.They can be

alternated by determining the best option for a specific "life circumstances" and, depending on the condition of hair.


Express way to create the desired image.Heats hair and gives them a ripple.It may be thick or thinner, which affects the size of curls.Do not use curling irons often as it weakens the hair structure.You can not use it and the ladies with a brittle, unhealthy hair.


  1. On dry hair, apply a thermal protection spray and then a gel or mousse for styling.
  2. Take a strand, insert the tip into the clip and screw the base to the curling.The thinner the strand, the greater and sharper turn out curls.Start cranking with the occipital part.
  3. Heat strand of no more than 10 seconds, then gently dissolved.
  4. Ready curls sprinkle with hairspray, do not comb.

hair iron

He - rectifier, recommended for girls with long tresses below her shoulders.Curling hair iron like working with curling irons, but with the difference that the latter helps to create a clear small curls, and it means "bestow" you bulky, beautiful curls.Before starting to wind the hair on the hair iron, they must be treated thermal protector spray or lacquer.When asked what the hair iron is better in terms of creating curls, experts offer a narrow, rounded shape.


  1. termospreem Treat dry hair, then apply a foam or gel and immediately proceed with the installation.
  2. Separate a section of the desired thickness, hold it at the root, wrap around the ironing.
  3. Begin gently pull it down.Do this slowly and without any sudden movements to avoid kinks.You will quickly learn how to make curls ironing, and can perform the installation without any help.


simple and proven way to wrap a sparing effect.No contraindications, except for those that need a long time to wear bigudyushki.It is advisable to wind the hair at night to the morning to get luxurious tresses.On sale Accessories different thicknesses.Thin help make small curls, thick - voluminous curls, will be pleased with bobbins curling spirals.For a comfortable night's sleep is better to choose the curlers from foam rubber or soft polyurethane.


  1. Wash head, let it dry naturally.
  2. When the hair will be slightly moist, begin to wind strands: Separate one, wrap on bigudyushku from tip to root, fasten a rubber band (or other fixative).
  3. The longer you wear curlers, the longer it takes to keep your curly effect.

4 ways to make stylish curls

to create curls of different intensity, use these ways to make curls in the home.

Natural "wave»

  1. On damp hair, apply mousse, slightly remember their hands.
  2. Fix resulting "wave" and dry the hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.

vertical curls average intensity

  1. Wet hair is divided into strands.
  2. Each strand twist in the flagellum, secure, dry hairdryer.
  3. To fix curling take it and walk on the flagellum from top to bottom.

Elastic Hollywood curls

  1. Divide dry hair into small strands, treat mousse or gel.
  2. Screw on the conical curling locks (without clip) with thickened side to the end.
  3. Warm up a strand of 5-7 seconds and gently flatten.
  4. Create additional volume at the roots, slightly to comb them.

Large waves

  1. hair Wash and drain them a hairdryer.
  2. Heat termobigudi diameter of 4 cm, divide hair into strands and wind on bigudyushki.
  3. Spray varnish or spray, soak 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the curlers and gives hair shape with his hands.

And how long is your hair?

Choose method for creating curls should be based on the conditions and length of hair.

Curly short hair

can use curling irons and hair curlers (very convenient Velcro bigudyushki medium size).Also suitable:

  • brushing (round hairbrush) and hair dryers.Wet hair, apply a means for laying.Divide into strands and successively wound on the comb, prosushivaya hairdryer;
  • styling "with their own hands."Apply the foam to the hair and slightly remember their hands.

Curly hair on average

addition curlers and curling irons can use the method of "beam»:

  1. moisten clean hair, comb, divide 5-7 strands;
  2. twist each strand of the flagellum in and turn on the head in the likeness of a snail, fasten a pin;
  3. sprinkle varnish, leave for the night;
  4. morning unscrew and lightly go over the hair brush with a few teeth.

Curly long hair

owners of long hair can use a method of "braiding".It is very convenient and absolutely safe to shag:

  1. divide damp clean hair for 4-5 pieces and braid braids;
  2. leave them at night;
  3. Untwist the morning and get a uniform heavy curls over the entire length.

to effect a slight wave braid a plait.

As you can see, ways to create curls home a lot.Choose the one most comfortable and enjoy the spectacular curls every day!