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  • 1 Why cleanse the skin
    • 1.1 Popular myths about exfoliation
    • 1.2 Terms of Use masks
  • 2 Effective cleansing mask
    • 2.1 Hammercoffee and honey
    • 2.2 of clay
    • 2.3 cucumber and oatmeal
    • 2.4 potatoes and lemon
    • 2.5 From aspirin and yogurt
    • 2.6 gelatin

Daily cleansing is recognized beauticians basis of its health and beauty.It is carried out by means of washing, milk, micellar solutions.Use a mask so often need.If foams, mousses, lotions and operate only on the skin surface, the mask function is performed by a deep cleaning.

Why cleanse the skin

In a professional environment the cleansing of the skin is called exfoliation.It provides for the removal of sebum is not a surface of the epidermis, and a global purge.Exfoliation is designed to act on keratinocytes - cells that form the top layer of the epidermis.Moreover, this impact should be weighted.

Popular myths about exfoliation

aggressive cleaning techniques, which are often used in the ho

me, often exacerbate existing problems.Consider the popular misconceptions about the use of masks to cleanse and exfoliation of the face as a whole.

  • Oily skin should be cleaned with abrasive agents.It removes the top layer of cells and prevents clogging of the sebaceous glands .This approach leads to a natural increase in the intensity of development of keratinocytes.Our skin reacts as follows: the more aggressive effect on its separate areas, the more active it produces new cells to protect these areas from thinning.It develops hyperkeratosis in which literally grow sealing layers of cells in the skin.That is why beauticians are advised to carry out regular exfoliation, but moderately.And opt for this non-aggressive means, as a mask for cleansing the face at home with soft, delicate composition.
  • Acne can be removed by a simple extrusion .Beauticians are advised to treat acne, ie, black dots, not as a cosmetic defect, but as a disease.In adolescence, it is subject to about eighty percent of girls and boys, and boys are more likely to suffer from the disease.The disease progresses in twelve or sixteen years old, but runs completely not all.Often acne bothers to thirty years of age, while twelve percent of people saved up to forty years.For the treatment of the problem requires a comprehensive approach that includes daily care, regular facials to cleanse the skin, complete hydration of the skin, a proper diet.
  • For oily skin, you need to choose compounds with the drying effect .This common misconception leads to disruption of the skin functions.Frequent use of funds dries worsens the situation where the problem is further dehydrated epidermis.As a result, the skin becomes dry, but classical art care for dry epidermis on it do not work.Man forced to see a doctor, dermatologist, as to cope with the problem can not.A similar situation occurs with acne, rashes separate black dots.
best cleansing mask does not dry the skin face.Optimal composition additionally moisturizing the epidermis, gently scraping it from the surface of keratinocytes, deeper pollution.For this purpose, you can use a light acid peels based on berries, fruits, as well as pulling out of mud compounds, natural sorbents - oatmeal, rice.

Terms of Use masks

Cosmetic mask clean your face at home - an effective tool.Their use for greasy or combination skin epidermis does not provide for the mechanical cleaning of blackheads.Moreover, mechanical household cleaning often leads to the opposite effect: due to unsanitary conditions, unprofessional actions of inflammatory elements are carried on the surface of the face.And comedones, acne becomes much more.

Masks can deal with the problem of accurately and sensitively.But their use has several nuances.

  • Do not wait for a miracle after the first application .How do you want to see after the application means instant results!But domestic formulations do not work.To effect became noticeable, it takes time.Typically, home cleansing mask for the face of acne occurs after use of the course: four to five times at intervals of four days.Once should be done a week break and repeat the course again.
  • Do not rely on aggressive compositions.In many sources you can find the recipe for the "classical" facials, cleansing pores, on the basis of salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.It is, incidentally, provides an instant effect: immediately after use with black spots lighter, they become visually less.The result provides a chemical reaction: soda and hydrogen peroxide react with the air and oxidized.It whitens comedones, literally dissolves them darkened top.But after two days remaining in the pores of the sebaceous accumulations darken again and the acne becomes visible.This blow to the skin to cause appreciable: soda and peroxide literally drain it, which leads to disruption of the fat and water balance, causing premature aging of the epidermis and the development of a grid of fine wrinkles.
  • Apply cleanser onto cleansed face .Before using any masks you want to remove make-up, carefully remove sebum from the surface of the face.To do this, fit the daily funds, and make-up remover to cleanse the skin.
  • rasparte face .The pores are more open, the active ingredients will penetrate deeper into them.For steaming, you can use a steam bath, on which you can sit for ten minutes.You can also apply on face hot towel, or simply take a relaxing bath, and being in the water, apply a prepared tool.

Do not be afraid to use for washing hot water.Contrary to popular belief, it ages the skin and further extends the large pores, cosmetologists do not consider it so destructive.It is used in many cosmetic procedures, as a simple tool for improving microcirculation in the tissues.After a hot compress using cold.But it is not intended to close the pores and improve lymphatic drainage of tissues.

Effective cleansing mask

offer simple and effective compositions that you can use at home.Their advantage - the absence of aggressive components that provide rapid, but short-lived effect, in consequence of the worsening condition of the epidermis.In the opinion of cosmeticians, cleansing facial mask at home is to perform several functions: to clean, moisturize, tone the skin.Our compositions include exactly these components.

From the ground coffee and honey

mask the effect of a light scrub.It contains honey - nutritional components have antiseptic effect.Lemon juice does the work of a light acid peels that refreshes the skin.


  1. Grind coffee, tea powder, use a spoon.
  2. Mix half spoon of sugar.
  3. Add the honey in the amount of two teaspoons.
  4. Enrich part lemon juice - use 5 drops.

Apply the mask on the massage lines, lightly.Make a neat massage to relax the skin.After that, leave the composition on the face to dry, remove it.The intensity of the impact of scrub provides a degree of grinding of coffee: chop it as best as possible.

of clay

versatile, convenient and multi-purpose matting facial mask at home.Clay has several effects.It qualitatively removes excess sebum, eliminates shine than the epidermis, improves microcirculation in tissues, absorbs toxins and wastes.All kinds of clay tone up the skin.


  1. Use clay on the type of your skin.
  2. Mix a teaspoon of funds with the same volume of water.
  3. Mix the composition until a homogeneous slurry density of sour cream.
  4. Apply on the face for twenty minutes.

of clay used in the cosmetic field, you can choose the type that suits you optimally.Against inflammation, blackheads and excess fat quality work black, blue and green clay.Support tone dry skin and cleanse it of toxins of red and pink.Yellow is used for exfoliation of the epidermis fading.

cucumber and oatmeal

Cucumber - so cheap and common vegetable that few people concerned with an efficient means of cosmetology.However, according to experts, it provides a complete cleansing and toning effect on the skin.It enhances the effect of cleansing oatmeal.


  1. Grind oatmeal.
  2. Peel cucumber, grate finely.
  3. Mix cereal, cucumber, add the lemon juice - not more than five drops.
  4. Apply on the skin for about twenty minutes.

Oatmeal is an excellent sorbent, whereby the composition provides a matting effect.Lemon juice works as a light acid peel, cucumber and deeply moisturizes the skin.Simple and truly magical mask for the summer!

potatoes and lemon

simple recipe of budget funds, which works especially well on oily skin.After use, you'll notice a pronounced narrowing of pores, skin posvetlevshuyu.This mask does not dry the epidermis, but it tightens well.


  1. Grate the potatoes finely.
  2. Add lemon juice - need a teaspoon.
  3. Mix, put on steamed face, leave on for twenty minutes.

good recipe pronounced rejuvenating effect that is added to a deep cleansing.Contained in the potato starch folk cosmetology compares with Botox.Of course, this comparison is conditional, but with regular use of masks you check the freshness of the skin and reducing the number of wrinkles.

From aspirin and yogurt

simple tool that has anti-inflammatory effect.Aspirin is very good for severity of inflammation, and yogurt lactic acid thanks to works as easy peeling.


  1. Crush into powder Aspirin - Use three tablets.
  2. Add yogurt in the amount of two tablespoons.
  3. Mix, apply to face, without waiting for dissolution of aspirin.Apply easily by massaging the skin.
  4. Leave on for twenty minutes.

recommend that you use this composition when expressed inflammation - red spots, active acne.


This mask works on the principle of the film.When applying it on steamed face, you nourish the skin.As the drying it captures the upper part of comedones, easily extracted from the enlarged pores.


  1. Use a tablespoon of gelatin.
  2. Pour the powder with water in a volume of 100 ml, leave to swell.
  3. solution on a steam bath until a homogeneous liquid mass.
  4. Apply to face with a brush.
  5. Apply several layers of the mask as it dries.
  6. remove, gently removing the film from the frozen face.

Gelatin provides a secure mechanical cleaning of the epidermis, while providing anti-aging effect.After the powder is a natural collagen, the skin necessary to save the tone.It is suitable for any type of epidermis.

Use a mask for cleansing the face at home, along with the daily's Skin technicians.The list of your rules should include cleansing of the epidermis in the morning and evening, tonifikatsiya quality moisturizing.The use of masks is recommended twice a week courses.The effect of their use will be noticeable after the fourth or fifth use.