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  • 1 Features to skin
    • 1.1 Subtleties use
  • 2 Recipes coffee scrub for face
    • 2.1 moisturizing with natural oil
    • 2.2 Nourishing cream with
    • 2.3 purified clay
    • 2.4 antiacne honey
    • 2.5 Toniziruschy with orange

Using coffee for home peeling Estheticians referred to as mild, dry exfoliation.The process of cleansing with the removal of the surface layer of dead cells epidermis needs to update, complete regeneration.Despite the fact that at home to achieve the effect, similar to chemical peeling salon, it is impossible, due to the coffee skrabu provided quite a good result.After all, unlike most home mechanical peeling agents, abrasive only the epidermis, coffee works fundamentally differently.

Features to skin

As part of coffee, there are more than one thousand active components, which make up the lion's share of essential oils.Practical significance for the domestic cosmetics they do not have, in contrast to the two most important elements of which it

is important to tell in detail.The fruits of the plant genera Arabica and Robusta contains polyphenols and antioxidants.

  • Polyphenols .Or flavonoids - substances of plant origin, obtained exclusively by man from external sources.Their impact on the body flexible.Coffee drink is particularly rich in chlorogenic acid, has a tonic effect on the skin, improves the permeability of blood vessels, reducing their fragility expressed.The most important aspect of the effects of chlorogenic acid - in protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which ensures the prevention of its premature aging.
  • Antioxidants .Modern science considers these compounds are the main enemies of aging.Antioxidants - antagonists of free radicals.The latter are the result of oxidative processes in cells.Free radicals cause pathological changes in tissues, leading to a decrease in their tone, the intensity and quality of the regeneration process, forming irreversible pathological processes.Antioxidants block the work of free radicals, preventing these negative phenomena.Skin contact substances contained in coffee, supports its youth and health.
coffee also contains enzymes, tannins, high concentration of fatty acids.This composition improves metabolic processes in the tissues, reduces the production of sebum, deeply nourishes the skin.Natural pigments provide light tanning effect after using a scrub with coffee grounds for the face.

Subtleties use

favorite drink will benefit the skin, if you use it correctly.Cosmetologists provide some guidelines for choosing the means of its implementation.

  • Use good quality coffee .The difference between expensive and cheap drink - as a raw material.It is important for cosmetic procedures.The cheapest second-class coffee content of active elements and a half to two times lower than in first-class raw materials.Low quality of different varieties of Indian origin.
  • Do not use fresh powder .It is believed that the effectiveness of the funds is higher than the fresh coffee.Accordingly, it is better to use just chopped raw material for masks, scrubs.Cosmetologists warn about the danger of the judgment.Particles that only the coffee grounds have an irregular shape, a sharp edge.They will scratch the epidermis in the process of scraping, not gently exfoliate it.To make safe a coffee facial scrub at home, use only the thick sleeping beverage, brewed, without sugar.
  • Do not peeling often .Natural ingredients are less active than chemical means, but overdoing it is not necessary to them.Beauticians are advised to carry out mechanical exfoliation procedure no more than once a week.In this case, the removal of the upper skin will be conducted by a smoky and epidermis react healthy regeneration.With more frequent peeling skin cell reproduction starts actively, which leads to the development of seals epidermis, especially in areas of excessive grinding.
  • Apply makeup on steaming skin .Its action will be more effective.During steaming softens the top layer of the epidermis, allowing more productive peeling particles remove dead cells.From disclosed far removed grease tube, pollution.When applied to the steamed out skin facial scrub of ground coffee quality benefits from blackheads, reduces the severity of inflammation, removes from the surface of the epidermis of acne marks and other defects.
attractiveness of using coffee in the domestic procedures of mechanical exfoliation is its two-level impact.First level - mechanical polishing, gentle exfoliation of cells through the swollen, smooth pellets.The second level - the active effects of caffeine.

Natural component provides vasodilatation of the treated area, improves the circulation of blood.Due to the acceleration of metabolism efficiently cleans, excess moisture.Peeling with coffee reduces swelling, tones the skin, it provides rejuvenation and wrinkles.

Recipes coffee scrub for face

skrabiruyuschy Prepare a simple structure at home is very simple.How to make facial scrub with coffee, advises the doctor-expert of the European Parliament on the safety of cosmetic, President Meder Center for Aesthetic cosmetology Tiina Orasmae-Meder.

«After the use of ground coffee do not throw away the thick, - recommends Tiina Orasmae-Meder.- Suitable as a product of the Turks, and coffee machines.Fold remaining in the midst of a special container and cover it with good cover.Once a week, this mass will become the basis for a wonderful scrub.His swollen Chastikov perfectly cleanse, otshelushat the skin without damaging it. "

application technique means to face involves several steps.

  • Steaming .Use a steam tray or pot with warm water.Do not lean on it too low for high-quality steaming skin enough to sit, slightly bent over capacity, for ten minutes.That water is not cooled quickly, cover with a towel.Also, you can steam the skin while bathing.Soak in hot water for ten or fifteen minutes, and then carry on cleansed face peeling composition.
  • Cleansing .Apply the scrub on the massage lines.Evenly distribute it on the skin, and then begin confident movements rub into the surface of the face.At the beginning of the disclosed such grinding give visible results: grease tube and black points will go to the top, horny layer of the epidermis.purification step duration is five minutes.You can use a cotton pad for rubbing means.
  • removal tool.After applying the scrub enough to wash your face with warm water.Then take a contrast shower, alternating flows of hot and cold water.This procedure will invigorate the skin, even more so activates regeneration and renewal, running skrabiruyuschim means.

The final stage will be the daily care supply procedures, moisturizing the skin.Put on her part to tonifikatsii, hammer it easy patting movements.Without waiting for complete absorption, apply a night cream.

diversify and enrich the recipe scrub for face from coffee grounds will help other natural ingredients.

moisturizing with natural oil

composition suitable for oily, combination and normal epidermis.And it can be used as an obligatory element of the weekly maintenance in the winter.Coffee grounds activates the renewal of the skin and moisturize natural oil it will energize, makes soft and radiant.


  1. Place in the coffee grounds container.Use three tablespoons.
  2. Mix product with natural oil.You will approach the olive, grapeseed, almond or wheat germ in the amount of one tablespoon.
  3. Add the brown sugar.Enough dining spoons.

Brown sugar means determines the texture, so it is possible to control the volume, adding a little more or less.Rub the product must be neat, circular motions.After the massage, leave it on your face for ten minutes.

Nourishing cream with

Care for dry skin requires delicate skrabiruyuschih compositions.That would be a complete tool of coffee and cream that will not cause discomfort in women with sensitive epidermis, prone to irritation.The tool provides gentle exfoliation and nourishment of the skin.


  1. Place in the coffee grounds container.Take a teaspoon.
  2. Mix the ingredients with sour cream and olive oil.Use a teaspoon of nutrients.
  3. Put the composition in a water bath, warm to a comfortable temperature.

Apply to face, gently walk by means of the massage lines, and leave on for fifteen minutes.Scrub will shape the dry and damaged skin.

purified clay

Skrabiruyuschy coffee composition qualitatively cleans pores.Make cleaning more productive to help natural clay.It removes toxins from the pores, tones the skin.We recommend to carry out the procedure for oily and normal skin types, using blue, green, black clay.


  1. Prepare a mixture of clay: Mix the dry powder from the same volume of water.For funds require a teaspoon of the finished pulp.
  2. Add a teaspoon of coffee grounds, mix.

Apply to the skin, easy to massage it on the main lines.Remove the composition can be directly or fifteen minutes.In the latter case, it will provide a significant antiseborrheic, matting effect.As a means of nutrient depleted skin, add a tablespoon of the fat milk.

antiacne honey

For oily, problem skin beauticians recommend to include in the compositions of natural antiseptic - Honey.It has anti-inflammatory, helps to relieve redness, is the prevention of acne and pimples.According to reviews, facial scrub of coffee and honey is a complete peeling and protective complex, normalizes the problem of the epidermis.


  1. Warm a tablespoon of honey.
  2. Mix with coffee grounds in the same volume.
  3. Add the finely ground cinnamon.Suffice it to half a teaspoon.
  4. Enrich the mixture half a spoon of brown sugar.

If the composition is too thick, melt it in a water bath and add a tablespoon of alkaline mineral water.Apply on the face, do a massage and leave as a mask for fifteen minutes.After removing it, you will notice improvement in the complexion, for a few hours reduced the severity of inflammation.

Toniziruschy with orange

For all skin types are suitable formulations based on fruit acids.Gentle action the acid citrus fruits - oranges, tangerines.They are used in dry peels and normal epidermis.For fat, you can replace these ingredients lemon.Because citrus juice is squeezed, effectively working on the surface of the skin by removing impurities and dead cells, or use dried peel, rich in essential oils.Means perfectly tones skin, nourishes them with vitamins.


  1. Place in the coffee grounds container.Use a tablespoon.
  2. Grind to powder the dried orange zest, mix with coffee.
  3. Add a tablespoon of low-fat yogurt.

Skrabiruyuschee means apply to the face, do a light massage, leave on the skin for about fifteen minutes.This composition is suitable for the tired epidermis, which needs high-quality moisture, rich in vitamins and gentle cleansing.

Prepare coffee facial scrub at home with pleasure!This tool will help you solve the problem of accurate and gentle cleansing ingredients available.And will ensure proper care for oily, dry and sensitive epidermis thanks to its combination with additional components of the household: honey, sour cream, yogurt, clay.Get tips cosmetologists for the preparation of safe cosmetic products, and keep a stock of valuable coffee grounds are always at hand.