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  • 1 What is so appreciated alginate
  • 2 alginate and other components: different masks on different issues
  • 3 Yourself beauticians how to make alginate mask home
    • 3.1 Warning - congeals quickly!
    • 3.2 rules applying ready-mix
  • 4 Recipe
    • 4.1 Prerequisites
    • 4.2 stages of preparation

His name these products for the face received from the main constituent component -alginate.After our usual coffee and honey treatments, this name seems strange and even frightening, chemical.However, this natural cosmetic products.

By the way, precisely because of its specific name is often confused with consonant aldehyde face masks.However, the latter have an entirely different nature.This is just a "synthetic", which is produced in special laboratories and in home conditions it is impossible to repeat.

In today's beauty industry, based on a mixture of alginate are used not so long ago, but they extol Estheticians, creating a miraculous image.Is this true, and what is alg

ae facial mask - let's deal.

What is so appreciated alginate

alginate was obtained in the second half of the XX century British scientist as an unexpected component in the allocation of iodine seaweed.After a study of the properties of a new substance, a biochemist at Stanford Moore realized he had made a promising discovery of alginic acid salts have a rejuvenating effect on contact with the epidermis.Since sodium alginate began to extract from brown and red algae on an industrial scale.The best selling product of the steel face mask, in which the action component alginate reinforced material diatomite.

  • alginate .Sodium alginate or E401- polysaccharide alginate salt product acid.It looks like a powder color of melted milk.The substance absorbs moisture and reacts with water, the mixture turns into a gel.Alginate is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as a thickener.For example, it is used as a component for medical capsule powders, as well as in the manufacture of sauces, baby food, processed cheese.In medicine, it is recommended as a sorbent: it is considered that the substance is good at deducing of toxins, lowers cholesterol.Also on alginate-based products contribute to the healing of wounds.
  • Diatomite .With this material, we often encounter when applying scrubs.By its very nature - it is fossilized algae.For millions of years they have lived in sea water, and eventually formed a specific breed, the crumbs that are safe and effective in removing dead cells.Diatomite is part of preparations against acne.
In cosmetology alginate is especially appreciated as able to regulate the water balance of the skin, retains moisture, tone and acts as an "anti-stress", strengthens the fibers of the connective tissue, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, improves circulation.It can be found in creams, shampoos, personal hygiene.And alginate mask is applied not only to the face but on the body to fight cellulite.

alginate and other components: different masks on different issues

Alginate Facial Mask - treatment of a wide spectrum of action.Manufacturers can add to the two basic components, and other useful substances.So, you can choose a mix, depending on the condition of the skin and the problems you want to solve.

  • Lifting and hydration .This is a traditional mask in which there are no additional components.Alginate and diatomite well tightens and nourishes the skin with moisture without the aid of other substances.
  • Rejuvenation .In this case, the two basic components added to the collagen, which increases skin firmness and elasticity, eliminates wrinkles.
  • Abundant moisture .The necessary procedure for women with dry and flaky skin.To solve this problem, a mask is added to the alginate, chitosan - a substance derived from the shells of arthropods.Chitosan forms a protective layer on the skin and thus prevents water loss.Interestingly, the cover itself is able to absorb additional moisture from the environment and give it to the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Clarification and removal spots.It is suitable algae mask with vitamin C. In addition to good color, after such a procedure can be expected to reduce the depth of wrinkles.
  • Nutrition and cleaning .For this purpose, alginate plant components masks.For example, chamomile, aloe vera, ginger.Such a procedure is good for "tired" of the skin, when you, for whatever reasons, have launched a facial.
Cosmetologists say: persistent changes are possible only with the regular holding of aldehyde procedures.Optimally - ten to twelve sessions, after which the skin needs to be maintained by a master of the recommended facilities.A second course - as needed.At the same time on the forms users write that the effect is visible at once.Some girls even resorted to the procedure just before "the publication» when the person you need to tidy up quickly.

Yourself beautician How to make a mask alginate home

alginate mask can be enjoyed in the lounge or make your own.Women who do not want to overpay, more suitable home version.

Warning - congeals quickly!

The pharmacy can offer you a gel or powder.In the first case, a drug once applied to the face, and the second - you need to dilute the contents of the bag of mineral water or a special serum.The price here depends on the manufacturer, and can advise you the products of German, Japanese, French and Russian companies.

But not all so simple.A distinctive feature of the alginate masks that they thicken lightning.After opening the tube or mixing you will have three to five minutes for the use of the drug.Then he freezes and no longer will use.

rules applying ready-mix

If you do alginate mask for the face without a professional wizard, you should get acquainted with reviews seasoned.Some rules for the use of such blends are different from traditional instruction.That's what lovers are advised to care with the use of alginate.

  • preparatory stage .It is important to thoroughly clean the skin from makeup, wash.Eyebrows and eyelashes should treat the child cream.If you want to enhance the results, lubricate the face serum with a high concentration of active substances.Such conditioning agents typically comprise plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.Aldehyde mask several times their effect enhances and promotes deeper penetration into the pores.
  • Fast application .Because the mask must be applied quickly, and you have to lie down at the same time, it is best to bring someone else to the procedure.Quickly and evenly distribute the mixture on the skin to help cosmetic spatula.Movement - from the bottom up.Here recommendation: do mask edges thicker than the cover in the main application area.So it will be easier to remove.Also, do not plant too liquid mixture, or any streaks: the mask should resemble density melted butter.
  • not flush - shoot .About five minutes, the mixture will solidify before the "rubber" consistency.After a mask to survive for another 30 minutes.You will feel the characteristic tightening of the skin - the way it should be.Then, the resulting membrane is necessary to remove: carefully, without tufts.For this to hook the lower edge of the mask, and pull it from the chin to the hair.
Complete the procedure using the usual tonic and a cream for your skin.When cleaning the home cosmetic corner notice the residual products.Resulting in your face "mask" can not be washed down the drain can clog pipes.Aldehyde procedures are done once a week.For example, over the weekend as part of the standard "Beautiful cooking" for a new five-day work.


If your village does not sell such means of care, you can ask the pharmacist individual components and make their own mask.Here, of course, you need to tinker.Preparation of the mask will take some time, as the components are pre-soaked, and store the prepared mixture and re-used can not be.Moreover, girls who did alginate mask themselves, they say that more or less a normal result was achieved only at the third attempt ...


According to the most simple, classical, recipe you will need:

  • alginate -one teaspoon;
  • diatomite or its analogs: pearl powder, cosmetic clay in an amount of three teaspoons;
  • calcium chloride or calcium sulfate for plasticizing point and give elasticity composition - one vial;
  • purified water - the amount determined "by eye", depending on the consistency of the mixture.

stages of preparation

From inventory, you will need two bowls, spatula or spoon, spray.So what to do?

  1. alginate Pour into a bowl with warm water so that the liquid is slightly covered powder.Stir.Leave to react for four to five hours.You can from morning to evening.The substance must be transformed into a gel, so periodically stir the mixture and add water if necessary.
  2. When alginate swollen to the desired consistency, the second piala mix diatomaceous earth or its substitute and water.The mixture should be like thick cream.
  3. Mix the contents of the two bowls.
  4. Next - calcium sulfate.There are two options.Some girls add it to the mask and quickly applied to the face.But another version of plasticizer leads to a lightning-fast solidify the mixture, and all previous manipulations go down the drain.Therefore it is better to distribute the first mask, and top with the help of a spray bottle to spray the substance.
  5. Half an hour later remove the frozen shell.
«Stuffed hand", you can experiment and add a classic mask from alginate other components.For example, chamomile oil, aloe or rose, mummy, nutmeg powder or kelp.These substances introduced during the preparation of diatomite, and then mixed with the main ingredient of the mask.

must admit that algae facial mask at home - a troublesome thing.In addition, there is always a risk to make a mistake in the dosage, and who knows how it would react to your skin ... also always remember the safety rules: alginate mask can not be used if there are signs on the face of inflammation, scratch wounds.In addition, the procedure is contraindicated in cancer diagnoses.