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  • 1 What is castor oil
    • 1.1 Features exposure
  • 2 Application means
    • 2.1 for eyelashes and eyebrows
    • 2.2 From
    • wrinkles
    • 2.3 of pigment spots, scars
    • 2.4 acne

using plant seeds castor bean For castor oil.It grows throughout the warm regions, the lack of raw materials in our country is not, so the final product is inexpensive processing.

castor Fruits are rich in vegetable oil, it takes up to eighty percent of the volume of each seed.It is easy to extract - in the pharmaceutical industry uses standard technology of cold pressing.The product is then treated with steam temperature above one hundred and twenty degrees.As a result, the heat treatment therein destroyed toxic substances present in the leaves and seeds of the castor bean.

harvested castor oil yourself is not allowed.At home, it is impossible to heat the desired manner to ensure the destruction of toxins.Product processing without dangerous.Alkaloid ricinine causes severe destruction of the body

systems, even by inhalation.Consequences irreversible poisoning as ricinine destroys the structure of the protein in the tissues.

What is castor oil

As a result of the heat treatment the toxin is destroyed completely, so the castor oil may be taken internally.It has traditionally been used as a laxative in the home.Its medicinal properties as a restorative composition based on fatty acids content.

As part of castor oil slightly components.It is almost one hundred percent is a mixture of vegetable triglycerides.More than eighty percent of ricinoleic acid accounts for the remaining components - linoleic and oleic acid.

ricinoleic acid viscous, consists of large molecules with the unstable structure.It holds molecules in a consistent state only one unsaturated bond, and this bond is easily broken.This structure defines the basic properties of matter.Castor oil - almost the only one that is almost completely soluble in an alcohol solution and forms a film on the liquid surface.

Traditional medicine attributes Means antiseptic properties and the ability to activate the regeneration of tissue.Castor oil is a common ingredient of professional cosmetics to care for oily, mature skin, hair.

Features exposure

in professional beauty mask with castor oil is often used for the face.The ingredient is a common component of the softening composition.Their operating principle is to introduce means of the molecules in the space between the surface cells of the corneocytes, allowing smooth even much rough skin.Castor oil is used in this case in the form of an aqueous emulsion, the concentration of it in the media professional's Skin is from three to twenty-five percent, which is important for easy application of the composition and its adequate absorption of the skin.

too greasy skin means not absorbed, so in pure castor oil in professional beauty is not used.Only as an aqueous emulsion provides a means for occlusion effect sufficient space between the skin cells.

as softening component castor oil is part of the day and night creams thick, the combined assets of wrinkles.

Application means

Useful properties tool can be used for the benefit of the skin, as well as for the eyelashes, eyebrows, anti-inflammation and rashes.The use of castor oil, consisting of fatty acids, will be appreciated by tired skin, with early manifestations of aging.Contraindications to the use of funds is not, except individual intolerance.

evidence, on the contrary, the set:

  • dry skin;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • warts;
  • freckles, age spots;
  • inflammatory acne.

But when you use it is important to take account of its high fat content.Castor oil is heavy, it is not left on the skin overnight.It is especially important to consider this when using castor oil on the wrinkles under the eyes.

for eyelashes and eyebrows

People cosmetology assigned to this product, "first means" status for the growth of eyelashes.However, science does not share this opinion."There are two types of funds intended for the care of eyelashes, - says the expert of aesthetic medicine, the author of articles portal Beauty Industry Professional Galina Kornienko.- They differ in the principle of action.First designed for nutrition, hydration of hair, and the second activating their growth. "

According to Galina Kornienko, there is a common misconception that castor oil is able to enhance the growth of eyelashes.It is really useful for hair as improves its structure, but no more.Castor oil does not stimulate the growth of eyelashes, it makes them more dense and compact.It moisturizes the hair, seals their cells, thereby lashes look darker.

Apply the product should be on the hair along the entire length.Especially useful to do so in the winter when the lashes are exposed to the cold and become thinner.Application technique is simple: distribute the composition evenly over the lashes, leave on for twenty minutes and blot with a napkin.

Leave a means to not be in front of the night.Castor oil can cause eye irritation, redness and swelling of the eyelids in the morning.

Masks from castor oil can help improve the appearance of the eyebrows.The hair will be shinier and stronger.The composition applied is sufficient to brush the eyebrows, distributed evenly across the line.You can have a massage, thumb and forefinger gently pressing or plucking eyebrows.


Castor oil facial wrinkle is used as a component of cosmetics age.It effectively softens and moisturizes the skin, reduces the daily loss of moisture.But the hope is that it can be gone deep wrinkles, it is not necessary.

cause of deep wrinkles are deep changes in the structure of the skin, habitual facial expressions, natural disturbance density of collagen fibers.Castor oil in the deep layers of the dermis does not penetrate, it works only on the surface.Oil composition clog areas between the cells through which the epidermis loses moisture.

fluid loss leads to disastrous consequences - loss of skin tone to the appearance of fine lines.Evidence that wrinkles caused by dryness of the skin it is, is their appearance.They resemble crumpled paper, and the skin looks like a transparent vellum.If you encounter this problem due to improper skin care, breaking the rules of its moisture and nutrition of castor oil packs are helpful.

On reviews, castor oil for the face wrinkles, should be used to meet some of the nuances.

  • not in its pure form.Composition fat and very poorly absorbed, so it should be used in an aqueous emulsion or in combination with other natural oil.Effectively nourishes and enriches it with valuable substances olive oil.Mix it with castor in equal proportions and apply with a cotton pad to areas where there are wrinkles.
  • Long Course. Regular use will improve the structure of the skin and reduce the severity of wrinkles.Fishnet fine lines, which arose due to the dryness of the epidermis, will disappear.To be effective, it is important to apply oil compresses twice a day for a month.
  • Use warm. Touching the skin cold surfaces of its pores are closed, micro-currents circulate more slowly.To provide quality ingress caregiver staff it should be warm.Warm up the oil in a water bath before use.
  • combined with other components. Regardless of skin type in the daylight saving time will be useful Mask with castor oil, honey, banana and sour cream.It can confidently be called a universal remedy for dry skin, facial wrinkles and early aging prevention against external aggressions.In one application need half a banana, three drops of oil, a teaspoon of honey and sour cream.The components should be mixed, applied to clean skin and leave on for twenty minutes.

Do not add the castor oil into a finished professional wrinkle cream.Compositions quality cosmetics carefully compiled, verified, each ingredient complements the other, and they work most effectively in the complex.A couple of drops of castor oil in the cream jar of its properties will not improve, however, can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.Initially choose caring cosmetic remedies for wrinkles with castor oil in the composition.

effective way to fight wrinkles will massage with castor oil.Preheat it, put on the face massage lines purified.Walk with your fingertips on them by performing light tapping motion.Leave the product to the skin for an hour, then remove the cloth.

of pigment spots, scars

ability of castor oil to soften the skin allows us to recommend her for the treatment of scars.It softens the compacted layers of the epidermis, improves blood circulation to the site of the impact, thus stimulating the absorption of scar tissue.On a similar principle using castor oil cure other skin growths and seals - from corns to warts.

Traditional medicine recommends the use of castor oil for the face of pigment spots.It proved its brightening effect when applied to regular areas of hyperpigmentation.With the tool, you can get rid of the pigmentation resulting from sunburn, freckles.

use the funds in this case should be in the purest form.

  • not dilute the oil. Apply it warm on the problem areas.Leave on the skin up to ten minutes, then rinse.To disinfect warts, scar tissue can be used to remove residual oil camomile tea.
  • Apply a dot. oily substance forms a dense film on the skin.When fat is the type of the epidermis can cause blockage of the pores and increase the intensity of the eruption.To do no harm, means only apply to problem areas: the scar tissue, freckles with a cotton swab.
  • use often. The more structure, the more noticeable the result will be applied.For the treatment of scars should be applied softening emulsion is at least two times a day.The course of treatment will be two or three months, when compacted, old scars treatment is recommended to continue until the year.Clarification pigment spots occur within a month means when applied up to five times per day.

Cosmetologists indicate the ability of castor oil to eliminate toxins from the horny layer of the epidermis.This increases its regenerative properties.


Castor Oil Facial acne is often used in folk medicine.However, cosmetologists do not consider this practice a safe.The information contained in the composition of funds ricinoleic acid, indeed, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity, the ability to suppress the growth of pathogenic organisms.But when applied to the healthy parts of skin problem can be the opposite effect: the seal tissue as a result of blockage of pores, the impossibility of removal of sebum on the surface of the epidermis, maintaining it in the pores and stimulate acne inflammations.

For the treatment of acne, apply pure castor oil on the inflamed areas dot.Pat the places of drawing fingertips and leave for two hours.After that, remove not had time to soak castor oil cloth.

Each recipe is the use of castor oil for the face based on its ability to soften skin.The composition has a high fat content, as a mixture of fatty acids.It does not penetrate into the dermis, works in the upper layer of the epidermis, it softens well by plugging portions between the structural cells.

castor oil in the skin retains moisture and has antimicrobial activity.Therefore, the ability to cope with small wrinkles caused by dryness of the epidermis, and inflammation in the surface layer.